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Shell Bar


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Does anyone remember where the bar is, and its name, on the Via de la Plata, that has shells all over its walls that people put their names on?
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Hi Lillian

In a little village called Alberguería there is bar called El Rincon de Peregrinos where the dueno gives you a shell to write your name on then he nails it to the shell covered ceiling!

He also has some provision, a sello and badges. All good!

You must be making good progress!

Hasta Santiago

As i recall the climb up to Albergeria is a killer, which makes that bar all the more welcome! (they had signs posted a couple of years ago: "Bar 1500 meters," "Bar 500 meters," etc. But the bar is still at least a kilometer away, straight UP! The signs are meant to encourage you, but they LIE) Have a cerveza for me!
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The bar is basic, no expresso machine but the Galician white wine is great. A definite place to stop. Here's Luis and a new welcome sign I did for him in Chinese (bottom). I think he is going to run out of space to hang the shells pretty soon.


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Yes - Luis is a very nice human-being; also he makes a good 'cafe solo' (actually I had 2 when I was there on 16 Oct 06) plays Mozart as back-ground music and had a lovely little fire going which I sat before and tried to dry my clothes a bit, while savouring my coffees; the road up from Laza is steep, long and -on that day- wet & windy.

buen camino


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Well !! Here's an unexpected parenthesis in this much longer Camino : In fact, I had thought...

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