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Storm and rain


Staff member
I wish I could somehow record and show you all the weather outside right now. It is WINDY! and rains "cats and dogs"...

Winds of up to 140Km/h are reported at the coast, a bit less inland... I live next to a forest, and I am seriously afraid some of these threes are coming down tonight.

This winter has been a bad weather winter... :(

Greetings from just outside Santiago,
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Call me crazy but I thoroughly enjoy the power of mother nature as she controls the elements. The fury, the unpredictability and emotion generated is a most adrenalin producing event.

Now, as to the trees...May God protect you and yours from the devastation felled trees and high winds can cause...in Jesus Christ's name...Amen.

It was a major wind that Ivar was dodging:

BARCELONA, Spain – Part of a sports center collapsed in high winds Saturday in the northern Spanish city of Barcelona, killing four children and injuring 16 other people, officials and witnesses said.

Freak winds gusting to 160 kph (100 mph) in some places caused at least six other deaths in Spain and France, officials said.

Emergency workers at the Barcelona sports center could be seen putting three children's bodies into ambulances and pulling another 16 injured children from the rubble before the rescue effort ended. Accident investigators arrived on the scene to take photographs and carry out other attempts to document the cause of the collapse.

A fourth child died in Sant Joan de Deu hospital, a regional government official said on condition of anonymity as required by agency rules. Three other children were in serious condition and the other injured people, including two adult baseball coaches, were either lightly injured or already released from hospital, the official said.

A woman who said she had seen the accident told Spanish national broadcaster TVE that the children were preparing to play on a baseball field in the Sant Boi de Llobregat suburb when they took shelter under a viewing stand with a corrugated metal roof.

A woman died when a wall fell on her elsewhere in Barcelona and a traffic officer was killed by a falling tree in northwest Galicia. A road worker died in the northwest village of La Palma de Cervello due to a falling tree, a man was crushed to death by a falling wall in the eastern city of Alicante and a fisherman died after being rescued from a sinking boat in northwestern port city of La Coruna.

Three villages around the eastern town of Nucia had to be evacuated after winds blew down a high-tension power pylon and started a fire in a forested area, the town mayor said.

Heavy gusts were fanning fires around the town, said Bernabe Cano. The leisure park Terra Mitica, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, is located seven kilometers (4 miles) south of Nucia, with the wind blowing south.
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
I'm with Arn on enjoying the forces of nature as long as there not too forceful and you are well prepaired.
As someone walking the Camino Ingles from feb 2nd I have been watching the forecasts with some interest (rain for the next 10 days) so now I'm concerned about the mud.
maybe I should pack some ski's ?
hope the trees are still standing Ivar
Ian and Rosie.
Found a few pine trees down this morning within 200 meters from our house, but all well.

But I am watching the TVE news right now and I see that 11 people have died in Spain due to these winds (two in Galicia).
http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20090124/te ... 4147.shtml

Winds up to 170 km/h was recorded last night in Galicia. Waves up to 20 meters at sea.

Around my house the ground is wet. So wet that it can not absorb more water, so if it keeps raining (as they say it will) there will be mud for sure.

I remember last year at this time Spaniards were worried about it not raining enough, the water reserves was at a record low. This year.... that is not a problem.

Buen Camino Ian and Rosie!
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[quote="sagalouts" so now I'm concerned about the mud.
maybe I should pack some ski's ?[/quote]
Mud glorious mud!!! Two things I found that helped me the most with mud were good non-slip soles, and a walking pole. The non-slip soles became irrelevant if it was that stodgy thick clay-y mud that sticks to your shoes in big clumps anyhow...but are helpful for the 'lesser' variety. But a walking pole I found really helped with extra stability in the muddy conditions. Good luck!
Ian and Rosie, Margaret and Ivar,

The power of His nature is a reminder of the vast difference between our plans, expediencies and His plan.

To Ian and Rosie...God love you for pressing along and remaining true to the Way.

Margaret...your experience and sage advise are easily as compelling as anything written by the experts...though I'd suggest gaiters for the truly sloshly paths.

Ivar, trees are beautiful and I have a few...pines tend to stand well up to a stout wind...that they did fall and did no damage...that's good. I'd check the soil around the remaining trees. If the soil is good for bricks...you're probably o.k....if only loamy and partially sandy...I'd remove any tree that...should it fall...your house is at hazard.

Buen slog on Camino,
http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/ ... out_power_

New storm warnings were issued for Galicia and the north-eastern region of Catalonia, where around 80,000 people remained without power.

Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said meteorologists had not predicted the proportions of the storms, making it difficult for the authorities to make adequate preparations.

In eastern Spain, firefighters brought under control two wildfires which had been fanned by winds and devastated about 1,100 hectares of forest and bush near Valencia and Alicante.
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