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2015–2018 (partial)
I was standing near the Irache wine fountain. A group got out of a van, and the lady leading came up to me and said in Spanish, “I heard the fountain isn’t working; do you know anything about that?”

I pointed to the sign in Spanish and English that said they put in only a hundred liters a day and answered in Spanish “Hundred liters a day; maybe they ran out.”

She turned around a told a group (in English), “this nice gentleman explained to me that …”

Then the group took a bunch of photos, hopped back in the van, and drove away. Across the top of the van was stenciled, “The best way to see the world is on foot.” Emphasis mine, obviously not theirs!
Camino Way markers in Bronze
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk. Discount is taken at check out, only by using this link.

Your delightful post recalls a memory from my first CF in 2004. East of Melide near Coto when exhausted I wearily stopped to eat a second breakfast in the patio of a rather chic, but friendly, casa rural. To my surprise a small van of tourists arrived and a few hyper-tidy ‘Sunday pilgrims’ with walking sticks, but no packs, noisily exited in order to sample the trail! Spotting my pack and shell they politely asked “How long have you been walking?” “48 days!” I answered. Stunned they dashed to the bar and never moved on. ... Chacun a son gout!

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I could use a bit of help this morning. I am not doing great after yesterday’s incidents (if you missed it you can read my post in tye Safety forum). I feel pretty certain that my damaged umbrella...
Hi, dear pilgrims! I decided not to overthink and just sending this request to the most welcoming and warm community. I am gonna have my first Camino, starting from Porto on Sep 30th, going...
Top Tip number 3 ? . . . Avoid looking for accommodation at 'the bottom of that page' in the guide book. Much as I love John Brierly's guidebooks, lots of pilgrims blindly follow the suggested...
I invited my sister to join me for Camino Ingles at the end of October (I had originally planned this very, very short Camino to be at the end of Camino Portuguese which has been cancelled lol I...
Hello I finally made it Burgos! I am walking at a pace which takes me approximately 20 to 25 km per day. Not sure if it is easier to do more in the Meseta but Im an old guy whose comfort level is...
Several news websites are reporting on a search by the Guardia Civil for a pilgrim who was reported missing by his mother in Italy but who turned out simply to have a faulty mobile phone. The...

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