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This summer - never done anything like this - will I DIE????


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Hi everyone - a friend and I are looking to do the Camino Ingles in August 2008. My friend wants to do it in the 5 days, but I have never done a backpacking trip, & never walked more than 12 k's in one day. Am I going to hate this? ha ha I am planning to train a bit before going, but I'm worried that I will just end up exhausted every day from the heat and from walking so much. 20k a day for 5 days in a row sounds like death to me. Also, are there lots of places to camp along the way?
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How can anyone answer you?
Only way for you to find out is to pack a bag and start walking.
As for camping, no, not much, and anyway tents are not that light to carry.


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Your excitement and nervousness just shines through - it’s wonderful! Of course the old you will die! The new you will emerge a strong, exhilarated, enthusiastic camino hiker! At home I find a walk to the shops exhausting but on the camino I can walk 40kms with a backpack and feel pleasantly weary.
The excitement, stunning scenery, anticipation of each new day, the exotic food, language, history - all will replace your tired old self.
My advice to you both - travel light - have an open mind – absorb and enjoy every moment – learn a bit of Spanish - and remember, "A tourist demands - a pilgrim gives thanks".
Pilgrim hugs,


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Mel...welcome to the Class of 2008!

As Sil says...the desire and the exhilaration of the Way will guide you as your walk the Milky Way. There's so much to the positive that all the negatives pale in comparison. Each step that you take, each new friend that you make, each time you Call out to Him...he will answer with more love and encouragement than you can imagine.

Buen "haze free" Camino


Rebekah Scott

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The first couple of days will knock the tar out of you. You might drop out and go home, and that is fine, there´s no shame in that. The Camino is not for everyone.

But if you keep going you might really find yourself enjoying the whole thing somehow.
And by the time you reach Santiago you might be hooked.

And next year you might just be back for one of the "big ones," the full 6-week deal! Be warned. This camino stuff can be addictive.

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Hi Mel iah,

I walked from Roncesvalles to Santiago last summer and had never even owned a rucksack prior to my walk. I rather sheepishly read all the posts to this forum about "training" prior to beginning the Camino. My "training" consisted of my walking around Madrid for a month before starting. I never carried my full pack until the day I boarded the train for Pamplona. And while I mand many mistakes, I did complete the entire Camino in 30 days. I am 54, female and walked alone (at least for the first 10 minutes!) So, Mel, have faith! As Sil said, keep an open mind and a positive outlook. It is an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. And I agree with Rebekah - it is addictive - I expect to be back on the Camino in July 2008. And when the haze clears, you will have such a sense of accomplishment!

Buen Camino,

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