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Travel Advice to Leon

Hi all,

Myself and my partner are planning to walk the Camino in May next year - we will be starting from Leon as we simply wont be able to get the time for the whole thing (which we're both gutted about but hey - next time :) )

From what we've seen so far the easiest route for us to spain is to fly from Liverpool airport, which would take us to Santander, then back from Santiago. We'd rather not fly to Santiago first...something just doesnt sit right with the idea of turning up there any other way than on foot! We could also fly from Stansted to Valladolid if need be but that turns into a VERY long day for us to get to Leon!

So - which airport is easiest to get to Leon from...Valladolid or Santander? My gut feeling is Santander and then just put up with the long(ish) journey from there to Leon. (Strange isnt it....train from santander to Leon seems like a long trip - walking 180 miles doesnt..strange things people eh?)

So - any advice would be most welcome!!

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Cheers Sil!

Its looking like Madrid is the best bet then. The shorter train journey in spain from Valladolid to Leon is more than offset by our much longer journey from Southport to Stansted airport at this end. So Madrid it is!

Excellent. Thank you to everyone for helping us out - hope to meet some of you on the Camino since by the time we actually go we'll know you all quite well I would have thought!!


Starting in Leon

The Convento Santa Maria de las Carabajalas is the best refuge to stay in - right in the old city You can attend Vespers at 7pm or Compline at 21h45. (I am not relihious but the Vespers was beautiful - Gregorian chants and all!)
You can get your credential at the Cathedral if you haven't already got one. There is a little ticket office inside where you can ask for the credential.
The walk into and out of Leon is a bit of a let down - light industry, panel beating shops, rubish dumps etc. but once you are past the main city you will be heading towards the most beautiful section of the camino.
I have two friends walking right now and they say that the weather is beautiful - cold mornings but blue, blue skies.
Have a wonderful, memorable pilgrimage.
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