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Updating Credential Information for Camino Ingles in May 2023


New Member
Time of past OR future Camino
May 2023
Hello Dear Friends,

i am planning to do the Camino Ingles in May 2023,
However i got my Credential in France, where I live, in 2019 and then Covid hit,
The address and number of residency cards written on the Credential are no longer correct as i change houses during this time and got a new card,
Should I also change them on the Credential? I know it might be a small detail but I prefer to know before starting,

thank you so much,
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Perhaps others will advise you differently, but I don’t think it matters what address you have on your credencial. Of course, if you were to loose your document, a correct address could help someone get it back to you. I don’t believe anyone at the Pilgim’s Office has ever referred to or even looked at my address. You may have to show your passport along with your credencial at the Pilgrim’s Office, but nothing else. Get your sellos as you walk and you’ll be all set. But, if it makes you feel better, cross out the old address and write in your new one. It will all be good when getting your Compostela in Santiago.
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Per Trecile; all that info does is possibly reunite you with it in case of loss. It has no relevance when you come to claim a compostella (if that is your intention) as the relevant details will then be checked and mis-translated into what purports to be Latin at the time.
I never have my address on my credential. I only put one down if somebody at an albergue asks me to write it in.
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If I am correctly understanding your post, it sounds like the number on your residency card has also changed. If so, I would suggest changing this on your credential as it is generally recorded by albergues and places stayed in along the way.
I have had an albergue host check to see if I wrote my address a couple times. But really - the address doesn't matter unless it needs to be reunited with you and I think at the pilgrim's office they looked at which country I was from (at SJPDP and in Santiago). Don't know if they do this with everyone - but they made a comment in both places about where I was from after looking at my credential. For that reason - if you change countries you might want to change your country in the credential. And change the address if you want someone to have the ability to mail it to you if lost. Don't know if anyone would actually make the effort to reunite it with the owner - but there is no possibility if you don't add that address.
Really, just take a small piece of paper, the right size, with your new address details, and use white glue / colle blanche to attach it to your credencial. Write the details before gluing it on. Make sure that the little corners are properly glued, you can remove excess glue before it dries, and white glue is great for this sort of thing.
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