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Walking Alone


New Member
When I was 21 I took risks, because I didn't understand there WERE risks! Now I am 44, I wonder if I still can? Looking to hear from girl's who have done it alone! I'm now scared, where I use to be certain! Can a girl walk alone and be safe?
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I walked parts of the Camino twice by myself 2 years ago (when I was 44) & I'm still around. :) There will be many others on the camino as you, especially if you are walking the Frances, so have no fear!

When do you start?

I am 51 and walked from Le Puy to Santiago 'alone' last year, and never had any problems. You might find that 'alone' is not something that happens very often on the Camino Frances anyway. Partly that is because you might end up walking some of the time with others you meet, and partly that is because there are a lot of others walking, and someone is often within sight.
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I walked it "alone" two years ago when I was 42 and I was never alone. You will meet people on the way and certainly every night. Do not have fear.

Be yourself.
Everything will be OK.
If you want to be alone while walking,it's possible. You can always catch up on others or drop back. Read lots of posts on this forum and I think you will get the true feeling that it's very safe for females venturing on this great adventure.
I had 2 short trips on the Camino and all solo pilgrim walkers felt safe and secure in their endeavours.
If at any stage you feel threatened, speak to other pilgrims.
Perhaps oomschluking will post back on Ivar's site?

Buen Camino

Edit. Forgot to alert you I'm male, hitting 50!!!
I woke this morning really excited! I am going to do a solo pilgrimage! May 2010! Thanks so much for all the encouraging responses. So looking forward to reading more on this forum!
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
I walked alone last year, turning 50 during the walk. I never felt scared, like the others said, there are many pilgrims along the path. Because I am a slow walker I often was the only one walking my bit of the path but never, ever did I feel scared. Don't worry, walking alone has lots of advantages and you will be just fine.
I walked from Roncesvalles to Santiago the first time alone in 2007, the second time alone from Moratinos to Santiago and then on to Muxía and Fisterra in 2008, and am hoping to walk alone this summer (2009) as well. Now that I am here in Spain, I´ll decide which route although much depends on the health of my mother. I may have to go home. But either way it is quite safe. By the way, I´m 55.... :D
Buen Camino,
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Having now read a lot on this forum I must say, I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness expressed here - especially by the Veterans! Thank you!
You are not alone. You walk in the company of all those pilgrims who walked before you. Even on the Norte and primitivo, where you may well have an entire refuge to yourself. :)

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