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Walking and singing


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Because I love singing and have finally decided not to take my iPod with the Beatles with me to lift up my spirits, I wonder if there are more people who like to sing when they are walking.
I like to sing alone, but even more with others and it would be great to form singing groups. Or do they already form spontaneously?
If they don't (but also if they do), are there any other singing pilgrims who walk the Frances in July - August and would like to sing along with me (not necessarily Beatles songs)?
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Frances73 said:
I wonder if there are more people who like to sing when they are walking.

I sang Tea in the Sahara and some mangled Pink Floyd (mixed up a PF tune with Phil Collins lyrics) while on the meseta, but it was probably the heat that drove me to it... :mrgreen:

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We spent some time singing (and correcting each other on the lyrics) American Pie.



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I'm 100% certain there will be a good deal of singing from my friend Lindsay and I on our walk, a good deal of it beatles! Maybe we'll see you. Or maybe I should say hear you. Hee. :roll: We'll be on the trail June through July.


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Wow, never thought about the combo singing and walking ...but I must say that it sounds quite joyous!

Will also be on the Camino in July so who knows, Imay chime in on a few refrains :arrow:


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