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WARNING: Camino fever...


...OK... it is ok to laugh now. (seriously....!!)

It is also ok to slap your hand to your forhead and say out loud... "Is she insane" cos' I probably am... or I just have the very well-known camino fever...

Last night I was just checking all my Camino-gear (from previous camino's) backpack, sleeping-bag and so on... just to make sure I have what I need... and guess what I am already packed... :-D Did I tell you that I leave in September??

...As I said... it is OK to laugh!!

I have created this blog for my upcoming september Camino: so I am ready (already).

...Hmmm... may be I need a cold shower!? as it seems the heat in Barcelona has gotten to me!

To those of you who are leaving now... BUEN CAMINO - I wish it was me, cos I do not want to wait any longer... I am already packed you know!
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John Hussey

Active Member
If you are really, really lucky, that delightful fever will be terminal...and you will have it to the very end! :mrgreen:

Some years ago I discovered that an enjoyable part of any upcoming hike can be the advance planning and preparation for it. To that end, I began to weigh all my gear and put each into a simple spreadsheet that I can manipulate and select the items I choose for the upcoming trip, according to the conditions and season of the destination, to 'pack' and 're-pack' my pack, while it is still hanging in my gear closet. I originally started the spreadsheet because I wanted to keep track of the weight/items and so replace heavier items with lighter ones, as I kept reducing pack weight. That spreadsheet is now multiple pages...but I am lucky enough to use it going some place every year during the warmer "hiking" season.

Red Kite


That is a hilarious post...thank you for making me laugh out loud. :D

And I know just how you feel...

Love your camino and love life.



Active Member
OK! I have my hand up in forum land as I have a confession too. Although I don't leave my front door until September 3rd, I am packed and ready to go. I also have a spreadsheet with everything weighed, catagorised and examined over and over again. My pack sits next to my desk at home - I feel like I did the first day I started school in 1963 when I was 5!. :oops: I'd had received a new school case for Christmas, packed it Boxing Day and then had to wait until February when our Australian new school year began. :) It's a little like that now. How silly, now I'm nearly 50!!!
I guess childhood wonder and anticipation never leaves some of us - hooray too!!!! cheers, Jane

PS - is it just me or do others begin dreaming of things all camino - I am already walking it in my dreams.
Equally guilty!! I'm waiting for the last couple of bits of new kit (obviously I need to get some new stuff because the very hard wearing technical gear I got last year is...well its just soooo last year now isnt it..)

Anyhoo - been fully packed (except for new lighterweight replacements) for er.....3 weeks or so now - been walking with full pack whenever possible over the local sand dunes. Flights - booked, hotel on first night - booked, hotel on last night booked, bus ticket to start point - booked. Three different sets of route stops depending on how energetic im feeeling. Spreadsheet for packing list sunglasses....battery for camera charged (it will last easily 2 weeks all i need) spare sd card for camera bought...waterproof tech washed and reproofed, boots re polished and cleaned...yup - all ready to go....

I leave home on the 17th September....start walking on the 19th.

But *ahem* I need to practice so im taking all my gear walking right now :)
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