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Wearing shorts?

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I prefer zip-off pants. If it's cold in the morning as I set off, it's pants with jacket. As the day goes on, the pant legs come off, the jacket gets stashed in the rucksack.

Depends on the season really. Probably more 'shorts' people in the summer.
Zip off "pants" for me, too. I tend even on hotter days to wear the trousery bits so stones don't pop into me boots. Highly recommend the North Face ones as they have zippers at the bottom and look nice as shorts, too.
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Shorts or Pants

In South Africa - which used to be a British Colony - pants are underwear.
In the US - shorts are usually underwear.
In South Africa, a 'Fanny bag' is a 'Bum Bag' because the other word is ..... well, we won't there.
So from an English/South African point of view, I always wear pants under my shorts as well as under my trousers and I carry a 'bum bag' or 'moon bag' around my waist.
Makes sense huh?
Sorry Sil,

In North America, shorts are shorts, and we wear underwear under our shorts. :)
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Yes, but I was told in no uncertain terms never to talk about "khaki pants" in the presence of anyone from the UK. Doesn't have quite the same meaning it does in the US. :wink:
swimming shorts

they're light, doesn't matter if they get wet or anything and to wash 'em you just go swimming somewhere

and last but not least with the netting they also eliminate the need for underwear :)

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