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  1. ivar

    Reservations in public albergues in Galicia

    This may have been posted before, but you can now reserve a bed in all Public albergues in Galicia here: https://alberguesxacobeo.gal/en/
  2. Emia

    Reservations in albergues municipal in 2021

    I wonder what it's going to be like in 2021, regarding post-covid 19. The albergues municipal usually don't take reservations, but maybe that will change in the holy year 2021? Just asking for smaller albergues like Veigadana and Portela (after Pontevedra).
  3. ivar

    Updated lodging list (October 2020) 1

    Document with updated list of lodging on the Camino de Madrid
  4. J

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure beds?

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure Beds?
  5. Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    There are many different types of accommodation available on the Camino Routes. Jenny shares her experience as a Pilgrim and a Hospitelera.
  6. jsalt

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    Just curious, but interested to know. On my first camino (2012) they were all known as “albergues”, but I often read books, articles, etc, published before 2012 that refer to them as “refugios”. When, why, and how did “refugios” become “albergues”?
  7. I

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    Hi! I will be walking the Camino Frances from mid-Sept and it just striked me with regards to finding albergues or places for rest... As I make my way to the next destination during the day, should I already have an albergue/hostel/hotel in mind that I potential want to stay for the night? Or (I...
  8. A

    Booking accommodation in Easter week?

    Hi! I'm setting out on my first Camino in the end of March from Burgos. My boyfriend can only get a few days of work, and is planning to meet me in Sarria (the 16th of April) and we'll do the rest of the walk together. That means we will arrive in Santiago either Easter day (21st) or the day...
  9. Mikle

    Any experience with sleeping in churches/monasteries?

    Hey all, I'm wondering wether anyone has experience with reaching out to churches and monasteries for a (next to) free place to sleep and a shower. Being a musician I have the luxury of being able to take time off for this trip, but funding it is a whole different ball-game... ;) I've e-mailed...
  10. F

    Non albergue stays

    I am on a budget (read - good value / cheap ) but will be requiring stopovers at Pamplona, Burgos, Leon, Santiago (and who knows where else) of more than one night which means an albergue is out. So: Do I move from one albergue to another - NOT IDEAL - or how do I investigate good value options...
  11. Clark

    Cost of albergues

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to take the coastal way from Porto to Santiago next year and I'm trying to plan my expenses early to start saving. From the videos I've seen I thought the alburgues we around 5€ a night but on the sheet I printed out that lists them in seeing hardly any for under...
  12. Smallest_Sparrow

    Pilgrim discounts at hotels/pensions

    When I walked I stayed either at albergues, or booked hotels/pensions at their non-pilgrim rate; I've read posts on other threads where people mention having been given a pilgrim discount on hotel/pension rooms. At the time I walked, I'd heard that was possible but always felt the price was good...
  13. Kanga

    Paradores discounted

    I just received an email advising of a discounted rate for paradores if the booking is made before 11 October - but for accommodation until 12 April next year. León, both paradores at Santo Domingo, those on the Norte, and on other caminos - lots. The rate is €60 for most - expensive compared...
  14. Ingrid G

    Booking beds or taking it as it comes?

    Hello! I am going to walk from Ourense to Santiago with two friends next week (July). We only have four days to do it, so we kind of know already know the stages we need to take every day and they are quite long. I know this is not the "real" pilgrim spirit, but it's the time we have, and living...
  15. dr.alger

    Private accommodation - Hike without a sleeping bag?

    Hello- I wanted to see if it's possible to hike the whole Camino and stay in B&B's so as not to carry a sleeping bag. My wife as a poor sleeper and needs to have her private room. Thanks for your assistance, -Dave
  16. dollytz

    Reserving beds for the first few nights

    How is this done please? I don't want to have to pay international bank charges for such small sums as the charges will be more than the cost of the night's stay. I want to book the initial stay in SJPD then the next 2 nights, after that I'll take what I can get until I'm close to the finishing...
  17. Robo

    Tips Please from CF Booking.Com Users

    Hi, My wife and I are planning a short Camino from Sarria in mid May. (Please note we prefer private accommodation) On the CF last year I tended to book 1 or 2 days ahead. And for the 'final 100' I actually booked all my stops 3-4 days before hitting Sarria. Many I called ahead. But I...
  18. cj2003

    All places to sleep in one file - Coastal and Central route, Camino Portuguese Oct 23rd 2017

    Hi friends! this resource contains as many places to sleep along the route as possible - albergues, hotels, pensions and much more in one document, handy to bring with you on the Camino. It covers the following Routes of Camino Portuguese Lisbon-Porto: Follows the interior route from Lisbon...
  19. D

    Unlimited time, small budget

    I hope to receive some advice here. I am planning to walk camino frances in may-june,however, been wandering whether I fit enough for this challenge. It seems that many people are exhausting themselves, especially in the beginning. Is it possible to walk the 10-15km a day and find donative...
  20. xin loi

    Hotel/hostel prices

    While reading other sites, I notice that a lot of people take a night per week to stay at a hotel/hostel. In a lot of countries backpackers typically stay in a hotel on a Sunday night for a treat as that is the slowest night for customers and a lot of hotels give a 50% discount on Sunday...