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  1. W

    Questions about Food, Packs, Routes

    Thank you everyone for helping me out on my coastal path to Constella. I am now in on my way to Ponte de lima and up Central straight to Santiago. Questions - 1. Good Food places recommendations? Good price and service! 2. Answered 3. Any other advice, heads up and recommendations?
  2. W

    Accommodations Question

    Hello, I will be ggoin from Porto to santiago, and i have not booked any places to stay yet. Will ve there guest houses or those houses for pilgtims still open for walk in? Do i need to book? Its coming up soon so i am a little worried. Thank you
  3. Renascer

    Accommodations definition Help!

    This is a newbie question about accommodations offered on the camino and i would like to understand the different setup between them. Since the experience will be new to me i am trying to understand the layout and difference of accommodations regarding possibilites to get a private room. Hotels...
  4. T

    How to make reservation for the albergues?

    Hello, dear pilgrims! Where can I find information of which albergue is open? I know some are closed. Is there some unique platform where I can find this information and make a reservation or I need to search contact for each separately? I am little afraid I will not handle this good. I am...
  5. karenfromcali


    Hello fellow pilgrims! I walked the Camino Frances back in 2014 and am now hoping to do so again this summer. This Camino I would like to stay in a monastery or convent, or hopefully more than one. Has anyone stayed at a monastery or convent along the way that they enjoyed? I realize with COVID...
  6. ivar

    Reservation in Public Albergues in Galicia

    I know we have touched on this before, but I wanted to remind everyone of the fact that you can now reserve your bed in public albergues in Galicia here:
  7. J

    Monastery Stays

    Where do we get information on monasteries we can stay on the Camino? Which is the best camino with monasteries that accommodate pilgrims. We are not looking at the "for profit" type of stays, just the basic ones run by nuns and monks.
  8. ivar

    NO MORE Reservations in public albergues in Galicia (as of July 2021)

    Note from the mods: In July, 2021, the Xunta abolished the reservation option and returned to the “first come, first served” system in all public albergues in Galicia. See post #12 below for details. This may have been posted before, but you can now reserve a bed in all Public albergues in...
  9. Emia

    Reservations in albergues municipal in 2021

    I wonder what it's going to be like in 2021, regarding post-covid 19. The albergues municipal usually don't take reservations, but maybe that will change in the holy year 2021? Just asking for smaller albergues like Veigadana and Portela (after Pontevedra).
  10. ivar

    Updated lodging list (October 2020) 1

    Document with updated list of lodging on the Camino de Madrid
  11. J

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure beds?

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure Beds?
  12. john newman

    Being a guest in a private home: are they still there?

    Not sure if this is the right thread, but... I was reading my diary from last year (Vezelay to SDC) and came across the following. It was written after I had a been a lone (happy) guest at Posada El Pescador, in Oreña. “I need to make a point about some of the most hospitable hosts and...
  13. Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    There are many different types of accommodation available on the Camino Routes. Jenny shares her experience as a Pilgrim and a Hospitelera.
  14. Eibhlís

    Convents & Monasteries

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a list of convents and monasteries that provide accommodation for pilgrims on the Camino Frances?
  15. SYates

    Donativos - Time for a gentle reminder

    As more pilgrims then ever prepare for there first Camino, I thought a gentle reminder of what Donativo albergues are and aren't might be timely. Here the full post, history and all included: If you don't have the time to read it, here the...
  16. jsalt

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    Just curious, but interested to know. On my first camino (2012) they were all known as “albergues”, but I often read books, articles, etc, published before 2012 that refer to them as “refugios”. When, why, and how did “refugios” become “albergues”?
  17. I

    Do you already have a place in mind to stay when you reach your destination (stop)?

    Hi! I will be walking the Camino Frances from mid-Sept and it just striked me with regards to finding albergues or places for rest... As I make my way to the next destination during the day, should I already have an albergue/hostel/hotel in mind that I potential want to stay for the night? Or (I...
  18. SYates

    Pilgrims hosting Pilgrims

    What about having a thread where people can offer (non-commercial) hospitality to other pilgrims? Info on the publicly viewable thread could be restricted to: Where (town/camino) What (bed/room/food etc) Everything else like contact could be handled via private message ... What do you think...
  19. L

    What is the difference between an albergue, hostal and a pension ?

    Just wondering.....
  20. Mikle

    Any experience with sleeping in churches/monasteries?

    Hey all, I'm wondering wether anyone has experience with reaching out to churches and monasteries for a (next to) free place to sleep and a shower. Being a musician I have the luxury of being able to take time off for this trip, but funding it is a whole different ball-game... ;) I've e-mailed...