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  1. F

    Camino del norte

    Hi, I am starting the Camino del Norte sola from Satander mid April. Do I need to book accommodation now or will a couple of days in advance be enough? Is it safe to do on my own? I am learning Spanish in preparation but will not be fluent. Thanks for help!
  2. JustJack

    Respectful donativo amounts in 2024

    Given all the inflation of the past couple years, do you (especially those with hospitalero experience) think that the following are reasonable amounts to leave when staying at a donativo on the VDLP? - bed only, with no additional services: €10 - bed with breakfast: €15 - bed with dinner: €20...
  3. KarstenM

    Where would you plan to spend an extra day?

    Hello Pilgrims. Two question. I will be on the Camino del Norte in May and June 2024. I’m very excited and starting to plan now. 1. What are some of the best accommodations that you really appreciated and would look forward to returning to on the route? 2. What towns would you suggest to plan...
  4. D

    Looking for recommendations for lodging only.

    We are looking for an affordable company to just arrange lodging during our Camino. Any Advice? Plan to start in June on the Camino Frances route. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. pilgrimera

    Donating in donativos

    Hi all! I’m currently on the Camino del Norte, it’s my first time doing a Camino. I understand from looking through the forum that donations are often discussed but I was still hoping for some opinions. I finished university very recently and for various reasons felt the need to walk the Camino...
  6. trose

    Carrión Albergues

    I’ll be walking to Carrión on the CF in a few days asking if anyone has a recommendation for a favorite albergue? Thanks in advance
  7. Frankybaby66

    Finding Accommodation Along the Camino: A Top Tip

    Top Tip number 3 ? . . . Avoid looking for accommodation at 'the bottom of that page' in the guide book. Much as I love John Brierly's guidebooks, lots of pilgrims blindly follow the suggested stages, and end up looking for somewhere to stay in the same town/village. Jus before or just after...
  8. Sssnek

    Is it necessary to reserve beds ahead of time for the first stretch?

    Hello all! I’m starting my first Camino in a couple weeks, and I am so so excited. I’m getting to SJPP in the afternoon on September 19th, and hoping to set out before sunrise on the 20th! I’ve been reading recently that September is a very busy time to walk between SJPP and Pamplona. I’m...
  9. E

    Question about accommodation (donativo cost) along Camino Frances

    Hi there, I am leaving from St Jean-Pied-de-Port on 14th September...my second Camino Frances.....just wondering, please, what the suggested accommodation cost for the donativos is.. I can't fully remember from my first Camino, which was in 2014. Thank you! Evie
  10. F

    Private rooms for a family of three?

    My partner and I plan to walk the Camino Frances from SJPDP with our teenager (June/July 2024 if all works out). For various reasons, my partner would prefer to stay in private rooms with our child while on the route. Are private "triple" rooms common or should I expect to be sleeping in a...
  11. Robo

    Accommodation Terminology. Does Gite = Albergue?

    Just starting to do some loose planning and looking at the route and accommodation options. We are only walking Le Puy to Conques. Given the time and expense for us getting half way around the World, the 'Boss' is being most unreasonable in saying "can't we do something other than just walk a...
  12. norfolk-keith

    Albergues limited occupancy

    Good evening fellow pilgrims I have a question for anyone who has walked during the past 2-3 months and everyone walking now on the Frances. Back when I walked it in 2021 Albergues we’re still limited to 30% occupancy, can anyone give me an update on the current occupancy status as I fly out on...
  13. littlegreen60

    Booking.com prices vs. Gronze

    Hola Peregrinos I arrive in Tricastela Friday. I am trying to plan a few nights ahead because i now need to transport part of my pack. When I look at Gronze.com for prices, then go to Booking.com, the prices are much higher. And no option for single bunk. Can anyone provide some experience or...
  14. A

    Albergues advice in general?

    Hello! I'm new to the Camino and to solo traveling as a whole and have some questions. I'd love to "let the Camino provide" but would like to understand a litte more about albergues/hostels in general. 1.) What time do they typically open? How early should you get there? 2.) I've seen pictures...
  15. C

    How to find places that don't do reservations

    Hi. I see some comments about places that don't accept reservations. How does one find such places? We are using the app Buen Camino.
  16. M

    Please cancel bookings that are not needed

    Hello travellers. I’m with a very large group of pilgrims who started the Frances Camino May 1. Each place we stay is fully booked. But both the albergues and pilgrims are frustrated by the number of bookings made and not cancelled if not needed. Beds are available at the end of the day but...
  17. G

    No room in the inn? - Coping strategies

    Hello all, I am planning a trip on the Frances next year and am seeing all the posts about how crowded it is this year and so many advocating advance booking of beds. I am hoping to travel with much more freedom and not knowing where I will be staying more than a day in advance so I am...
  18. C

    Advance bookings!!! (Are they ruining the Camino?)

    The whole ethos of walking the Camino is being ruined by advance bookings of beds. Obtaining beds is now a nightmare even trying to obtain bed 3 days in advance. This did not be the case before covid. Simply wanted to walk and stop wherever, now not possible. Not a pilgrimage anymore, simply...
  19. K

    Albergue or hotel

    Hi everyone. Do you think that staying in hotels mean that you will miss very much from the atmosphere of the camino? I do like the idea of meeting others in the hostels, but worry about arriving late and missing out on a bed. If you do find yourself without a place there, is it easy to book a...
  20. Madrood

    Albergue Via de la Plata - San Gil. Anyone stayed here?

    Hi all Was scouting along the via and I came across this place. It's not on gronze, nor was it mentioned in the virtual planning thread. In fact as far as I can see it hasn't been mentioned here at all. They have a website that triggers a security filter I have installed on my browser or a...

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