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  1. Joanne P

    Do I need to pre-book in Puente la Reina?

    My partner and I will be walking the Camino Frances in 2023, starting June 3rd. As we don't want to rush, I will book accommodation for the first few days in advance as I believe we may have trouble getting beds in these sections. I'm not sure about Puente la Reina though - can accommodation...
  2. BombayBill

    In Defense of Booking Com

    I recently returned from volunteering for two weeks in an Albergue. All bookings were handled by Two beds were held back from the service in case someone needed to stay over (sick) or travel snafus. I developed a real appreciation of the convenience of the service. We were able to clean...
  3. Renegator1

    LIVE from the Camino Lodging crunch

    Buen Camino! Having trouble finding anything for 1 Dec & 6 Dec for Biduedo and Ferrerios. My husband & I are older & really need to break the walk up. Suggestions?
  4. Sunopo

    Semana Santa and pilgrim only albergues

    Hi, I ‘ll be walking camino Mozarabe March/April 2023 and expect to be in the area of Hinojosa del Duque during Semana Santa. There is usually an albuergue municipal exclusively for pilgrims in the towns of this area but can anyone advise me whether these albuergues remain available for pilgrims...
  5. TorontoGMan

    Revised title: Didn't know about other ways to reserve beds, and found no rooms on

    So, found a spot in Espinal! Do I really have to "hightail" it there AFTER (somehow) actually making it to Roncevalles? Sheesh! I'm trying to "wing it", good people of the Forum, but I'm definitely getting a little "squirrelly"! MODERATOR NOTE: Please read the replies below before becoming...
  6. A

    Auberge picks

    Hello, My friend and I will walk from St Jean to Burgos next fall. We will mostly stay in private accommodations, ( light sleeper who gets up in the night) but would like to stay perhaps half a dozen nights in an auberge to mix things up. Are there any suggestions of priority places to include...
  7. ficklefancyfree

    Where was your most memorable stay and why?

    I’ve just had the most amazing meal! Context: after walking for 6 hours and only getting as far as 12km, I bailed and called a taxi to come get me to take me the next 12km to Ponte de Lima, where I promptly bought a new pair of kicks, yes they were the Hoka Speedgoats. I was hobbling so badly...
  8. A

    Any list of albegues for Caminho da Geira e Arrieiros?

    Me and my friend are currently walking the Caminho da Geira e Arrieiros and cant find places to sleep between Beade and Codeseda. If anyone knows a place or have a list of albergues or hotels I will be very greatfull!
  9. JustJack

    Do private rooms at albergues generally have private bathrooms as well?

    Just wondering, when booking a private room at an albergue does that also mean a private bathroom/shower? Or it's just the bed that's private and you're still using the same bathroom/shower as everyone else?
  10. andarilho

    Starting September 8, booking accommodation

    Hi everyone, How many days ahead should we book accommodation (2 people), based on starting in Le Puy on September 8, 2022 ? We'd be very grateful for a current consensus on this issue from pilgrims who have begun the Podiensis just after the summer holidays (about the same date of the year)...
  11. R

    Way too overwhelming to book beds/rooms (mid july - mid August, frances)

    So I just decided to do the frances - around the 15th July! Im very new to the whole camino thing and backpacking. Ive been reading everything I could find the last few weeks. Its all very exciting and very scary 😅 Since it’s all so new, I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly when I’ll be...
  12. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Camino Norte

    Having walked several of the more popular Camino routes over the years, I’m curious about the increasing popularity of the Camino Norte. Specifically, the number of pilgrims walking this route as well as the availability of accommodations - is it necessary to book beds/rooms/pensions in advance...
  13. L

    10 day Camino del Norte costal route

    Hi there, I am coming on Friday 27 may (arrive late evening to Santiago) --> 6 June (leave late eve from Santiago) and was planning on doing 9/10 days of walking of the Camino del Norte. I wanted to do as much coast as possible as well as seeing some nice towns/villages. I was wondering if...
  14. Adrian Harding 65

    In praise of Motel Truckstops on the Camino

    I’m sure that the title of this piece will already have turned off the purists, who have already moved on to more esoteric subjects. But, give me two minutes and hear me out. First, remember that we are human beings who, from time to time, need a room to ourselves, private washing facilities...
  15. L

    Albergues to avoid

    Hi, are there albergues on the Camino de Norte that you would not recommend currently (spring 2022) for any reasons? Any that one should better avoid? (bed bugs, unwelcoming hosts, poor facilies for the price...?)
  16. E

    Favorite Albergues

    Having walked from SJPdP to Santiago in 2019 at the age of 70, I am off again next year. Has anyone any favourite Albergue that shouldn't be missed? Thanks Eric
  17. Brightmore

    COVID Walking the Camino when immuno-compromised or suppressed, so extremely vulnerable to C19

    Hello everyone, I don’t mean for this to be a controversial post, as I am genuinely looking for some advice or insight into walking the Camino when immuno-compromised or supressed, so clinically extremely vulnerable to C19. I suspect a fair minority will be in this position, as I have read it...
  18. A

    Camino San Salvador/Primitivo: Do I need to book accommodation in advance in May?

    Hi all I will walk the San Salvador & Primitivo in May and I am going back and forth on pre-booking or not. I didn’t book anything on my first Camino (Francés/Fisterra) in 2016, except for the last part, but things have changed since then I presume... It’s also a different Camino, especially...
  19. D

    Albergue Prices

    Hi. I'm Dan from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I am planning to hike the Camino Del Norte or Camino Frances in September-October 2022. The accommodation prices for Albergues on are much higher than any guidebook indicates. Is there an accurate resource for current Albergue pricing? If...
  20. GailGwyn

    Church Run Albergues - Camino Frances

    Hi, we're going to be walking the Camino Frances at the end of April. I'd really like to stay in albergues that are run by volunteers or the church. It's important to me to make this Camino a religious/spiritual pilgrimage as far as possible. Last time we walked, I missed out on some...

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