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bed bugs

  1. Anniesantiago

    Blog on Bedbugs

    For those who might be interested, I wrote a short blog on bedbugs with photos, how to identify them, how to know if they're in the albergue, and what to do:
  2. Bem48

    Bed Bugs on the Norte ???????

    Hola and Hi everyone, who can give me advice on this rather itchy topic "BED BUGS"?? I will be walking the "Norte" in May to mid June. Walked the "Frances" same time in 2008 and infrequently had encounters with BBs on route, not on myself, but with/on fellow-peregrinos. Remember that most...
  3. johnnyman


    People talk about using treated sleeping bags and such. Does one simply buy a bottle of this stuff and spray down the sleeping bag or whatever, or is it advisable to buy some sort of pre-treated gear?
  4. Tulle

    bed bugs and sleping bags-again!

    Hola! I have been reading everything here with great interest, and I have learned a lot. I am nearly finished with my preparations: I am walking 6-9 km 2 or 3 times a week, my shoes are walked in and my health is good (touch wood..)! But two final questions: 1: Is the danger of bed bugs bigger...
  5. mmmdumplings

    Best Way to Handle Bedbugs On the Camino...

    So, my preventative measures failed and Im pretty sure Im carrying some unwelcome guests in my sleeping bag. I was bitten badly one night even after I stopped sleeping in by bag, and was bitten only slightly for the few following nights when I slept in my bag. Ive since stopped using my...
  6. D

    Bed Bugs

    The alert brochure in France (in English):
  7. J

    BED BUGS-How Not to Get Them!

    There is a simple way to protect oneself from getting bed bugs, and that is the use of a chemical called Permethrin. This is a liquid which was designed for use by the US military to be applied to battle dress uniforms and equipment so as to protect the soldier from biting insects. This chemical...
  8. A

    Bed bugs alert

    This information is current and to alert pilgrims further back down the Camino Frances to a bed bug situation in Hontanas. There are three pilgrims here at Boadilla this evening who have all come from the Hontanas Municipal hostal with multiple bed bug bites, and there is a definite bed bug...