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safety & crime

  1. dqduncan

    Theft in Lezama before Bilbao

    THEFT in Lezama. (right before Bilbao): WARNING....there is a big man about 100kg who appear to pose as a pilgrim just as albergue opens. He goes in as soon as the first person leaves, pretends to look for something and leaves ..vanishing quickly . It’s dark and people are groggy. Seconds...
  2. Sheffield James

    Walking thru Thunderstorms

    I admit to being a bit nervous walking when there is the prospect of thunderstorms during the day ahead. I’m well aware of the general advice to avoid standing under trees and not to have metal walking poles sticking out from your backpack, but there may be other good advice to follow. I feel at...
  3. Raggy

    Guardia Civil identify indecent exposure perpetrator on VDLP

    The Guardia Civil took action to apprehend a man who was exposing himself and masturbating on VDLP near Baños de Montemayor. They were alerted to the problem after four incidents were reported by female pilgrims since April. The perpetrator was a 54 year old man from Plasencia. He confessed to...
  4. Mudcrone

    AlertCops App for Emergencies

    I've posted this in some threads, but thought it might be useful here. There is an excellent app for emergencies, of any kind, in Spain. There is an app called AlertCops it is run by the Spanish Ministry. You download it and register with it. Then if you have an emergency of any type in Spain...
  5. t2andreo

    New thievery model on the Camino....be aware!

    Another member sent this article to me this morning... https://www.caminosantiago.org/cpperegrino/prensa/verprensa.asp?PrensaID=13634&fbclid=IwAR3-7jebH9l20Cn0_h-sGtT9hM600CZl93uZPABl19bXoM2K-lzga59PIcQ While the original is in Spanish, here, in English, is my short version translation...
  6. J

    Lisbon to Santiago in July! A few questions:)

    Hi! First of all I wanted to ask if anyone is going to be walking the Portuguese Camino in July? I’m starting out from Lisbon on the morning of June 30th and would be great to know if I’ll be completely alone on the route or not as I’m slightly concerned with the posts I’ve read about flashers...
  7. S

    Thieves at large on camino

    Pilgrims beware of thieves. Two men traveling along the Camino seen today in Burgos. They were in Los Arcos a few days ago, and they stole many cell phones and hundreds of euros from pilgrims’ rooms in the middle of the night. These thieves are walking the Camino with us. The tourist office in...
  8. Raggy

    Washington Post - "An Attack On One Hiker Is An Attack On Us All"

    I found this article very moving. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail venture into more isolated wilderness than I have ever experienced. But the solidarity between hikers that the author describes, and the way that they look out for each other resonated with me. It exists on the Camino too...
  9. lizlane

    Fear NOT...Solo Hiker's Best Whistle for Safety

    I bought this whistle for personal safety for my training and to wear on the Camino. It weighs one ounce. If a flasher exposes their person to you in the city, this whistle is so supremely loud, I only blow it at public pools to scare the kids and out in the country so I will be practiced in...
  10. A

    Warning! Alert to women doing the Camino alone near Logroño - Please share

    My Daugther had a run in today w/ a pevert in the Camino, on the stage between Los Arcos and Logroño. She was walking alone 8km before Viana when a pevert jumped out of a bush, naked, wearing a black balaclava masturbating himself, she started screaming a ficticius name and ran away. He was not...
  11. Geodoc

    Preventing Fraud while Traveling.

    Hi all, Other than being a writer (novelist and new vegan cookbook for Peregrinos), my day job is as a fraud investigator. I've recently read a couple of discussions about possible fraud on the Camino (cards, theft, etc.), so I thought I'd take a minute and pass on some information that might...
  12. I

    Warning on the start of the Camino Portuguese.

    Hi there, I am a solo female traveler and started my Camino Portuguese today from Porto. I was followed by a man in a white van for the beginning of my walk on the coastal route. He looked local, wearing a purple top and light pants. He followed me on the board walk and was making kissing...
  13. trecile

    Cell phone theft deterrent

    I bought this leash for my cell phone that I will attach inside my sleep sack at night. I was originally looking at it thinking of pickpockets when I'm in Paris before the Camino. The tether can also be looped around the wrist for a wrist strap. Also handy for people who tend to drop their...
  14. S

    Tuscan Region Safety

    Hi Guys! I posted a question the other day and received wonderful answers so I am hoping I can get the same here with this thread. Since I will be doing this alone what are the safety precautions I should be taking? Is it dangerous to go by yourself? Are you supposed to bring mase with you...
  15. Raggy

    Move away from the toxic caterpillars!

    In spring you're likely to encounter Pine Processional Caterpillars. You might see their nests, which look like cotton candy / candy floss or you might see them on the move in a conga-line procession. (This photo is from a friend of mine who is walking in the south of Spain today). You can...
  16. Ponygirl1961

    Camino Frances or primitivo as a solo older woman

    I was originally planning to walk the Frances route in July 2019 and have booked airfare and taken time off. Now I am reading about the Primitvo route and trying to decide between the two. I have a fear that one may be too crowded but the alternate fear is that the other may not be as safe for...
  17. jrickards

    Security of backpack/contents overnight

    By overnight, I'm not referring to hotels but the "typical" hostel-type accommodations. Of course, I'll have my pack (with clothes, toiletries, etc) plus maybe a point-and-shoot camera (haven't decided on this yet), cellphone and of course, wallet with cash, credit card and passport. Of course...
  18. cozumel

    Being alone in the albergues?

    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post although I've been reading the forum since November 2018! I haven't found any answer to a question I've been asking myself for a few days now: I'm walking the Madrid camino in April this year, and all the info I've seen is about how lonely this camino is. I'm not...
  19. Trude

    Theft in Leon and Logrono

    Quite a few reports about thieves stealing in Leon Albergue and Logrono be very careful they are posing as pilgrims taking phones, wallets, cash and even passports. Keep your valuables in the bottom of your sleeping bag by your feet whilst sleeping.
  20. A

    Scared to walk alone

    I am going a bit back an forth on this one - I really do like having the freedom do walk the distance I want, but I'm also finding myself scared of walking alone now, especially as I'm starting on la meseta. Which is strange, given I have travelled around India and Nepal on my own for a year...