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LIVE from the Camino Brad's Camino

Brad Chatellier

New Member
Hello All,

My trip is underway and I´m currently at in Roncesvalles, staying at the youth hostel. I got into SJPdP on Thursday the 11th, checked in with the wonderful pilgrim´s office staff, and had one of the best meals of my life at Hotel Ramuntcho right there in the old town... spent the night too. As I am still getting over a nasty flu, I decided to take it easy the first day and I set out on the Route Napeleon to Orrison on Friday. SO glad I did it that way. The portion to Orrison is the most strenuous in terms of climb and I´m not sure I wouldn´t have collapsed on the way otherwise. The new rufuge in Orrison is LOVELY (call for reservations a must) and I made friends with a nice group of Aussie ladies. After a much needed night´s sleep we set out this morning in heavy mist and after 8 hours (at a very leisurely pace I might add), we ended up in Roncesvalles. I highly recommend the Route Napoleon and the steep shortcut down through the forest at the very end... so lovely. At any rate I´m quite ready for another night of sleep. I´ll be happy to pass any useful information along to those in need. Many gracious and wonderful pilgrims so far... I´m loving it.

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Brad on the Camino

Hola Brad,
SOOOooooo..... pleased to hear that you have loved the first day and that your cold is improving. (It sounded really ACUTE!!!)
Hav a wonderful journey!
Hi Brad, great to hear from you!

After so much planning and preparation, I bet it is nice to actually start walking. Buen camino and enjoy!

I will move this post over in the "Camino Diaries" section, so that if you post another message along the way, you could just reply to this message so that your thoughts along the way would all be in one thread.

Un saludo,
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Made it to Pamplona... just wanted to post a note that there is a detour on the Camino before you get to Pamplona. After Zabaldica the route to Trinadad de Arre is blocked due to a landslide and you are routed around Arre toward Pamplona along a concrete, riverside park path. Very long stretch of brutal concrete, although the scenery is nice. It was not very well waymarked (but by no means difficult... had to ask once or twice).

All the concrete and the extra distance (I was intending to stay in Arre) added up to my first blister (small on the bottom of my left pinkie toe) and I´m going to spend an extra night here in Pamplona to rejuvenate in an inexpensive private pension.

The camino is lovely this time of year, but those with allergies beware, there is so much pollen blowing everywhere... it sometimes looks like fields of cotton. But overall I am still thrilled to be here and most of the small hardships have just made me smile.

More later.
Good show Brad

Keep it up ! The way to Burgos is wonderful. I also stopped one day to really visit Pamplona. I did the same in Burgos.
Take care of that blister.

I am with you and anxiuous to read the rest of your Camino.
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Where are you Brad ?

It has been a long time since we heard of you Brad.

Please tell us where you are; you may be back home and in an air conditionned room by now ! :wink:
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Here is a pic from 2016, I love the simplicity of the sketch map and directions "1 km climb up, 5km flat, 5km down". I wonder how the prices are now?
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In 2018, I completed my first Camino de Santiago. Those 34 days were magical, filled with stunning landscapes and connections with fellow pilgrims from around the world. What was meant to be a...
For my fellow Jewish Pilgrims do try to remember that this coming Tuesday evening is our Shavuot holiday, not one but two days. Shavuot is one of the required Jewish pilgrimages, totally...
Reposted from Wise Pilgrim comments, was hiking with this pilgrim. Don’t follow app,go just a bit further past to well marked turn, not the one with spray painted arrow on stop sign:

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