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Camino in France


I am thinking of walking some of the camino between Le Puy and SJPDP. I have only 2 weeks total which means about 10 days walking. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what part or parts to walk. How crowded is this route in late Sept.? Also, transportation to/from Paris? Thanks and ultreya John
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Paris to St Jean

I think only Air France flies between Biarritz and Paris.
I'm not sure about getting to Le Puy from Paris (train?), but from SJPdP, you can take the train to Biarritz, then Air France to Charles de Gaulle or Orly. If you're flexible, you can get the $71 US +tax fare, but be careful to get the flight going to Charles De Gaulle (CDG) & not Orly (ORY) unless you are spending the night in Paris before you fly back to the States.

St James' Way - Self-guided 4-7 day Walking Packages, Reading to Southampton, 110 kms
Paris to LePuy

We are going to LePuy from Paris on May 2. It's quite easy by train and I found the advice about how to do it somewhere on this site - I booked our tickets on the SCNF website -

http://www.voyages-sncf.com/dynamic/_Sv ... HomepageUK

and it was very easy - they arrived in the UK by post very quickly after I booked them online. You have to ask for them to be posted to you on the site. I think you still have to 'cancel' them somehow on the platform before you get on the train though.

You take the TGV first and then have to change onto a more local line for Le Puy. We are catching the one o'clock train from Paris - changing at St. Etienne and catching a train fro Le Puy there at 15.57 - arriving in Le Puy at 17.17 if all goes well. Some of the trains go to Lyon and you change there - but this one was the best changeover for our times.

A TIP - you need to specify "Le Puy En Velay" cos there are lots of Le Puys in France.

Buen Camino!

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