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can I do it in 25 days by foot?


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I do have bit over 3 weeks, I could spend for the trip. I'm 35 years male and in very good physical fit. I do plan to do the pilgrimage starting in end August. Plan to start from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago. I quess that physically I could do it, but I do not want race there, but rather take this time alone for myself to think over some inner matters. Do you feel that I should plan for shorter distance or really try to find some extra days to spend?

Thanking in advance for your kind advice,
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How far

I quess that physically I could do it, but I do not want race there, but rather take this time alone for myself to think over some inner matters. Do you feel that I should plan for shorter distance or really try to find some extra days to spend?

You are right not to try to get from SJPP to Santiago in 21 days apart from quite probably injuring yourself you would have no time to look around and smell the flowers. Should you take more time or walk a shorter distance? That is more difficult to answer; if those extra days can be found without risking your job, family etc I would say take the extra time but don't cause youself or others worry for a few more days walking
Buen Camino
Camino Walking Times

Hi I'm 57 and walked the Camino from SJPP to Santiago in 22 days including one no walking day in Leon. I had perfect weather the days were long but not terribly ardous. My backpack was about 6kgs. Main disadvantage is that you won't make many friends as the majority walk slower. This is from my notes
Day Place Km to SdC
08/09/2004 Wed St Jean Pied de Port 774
08/09/2004 Wed Honto 769
09/09/2004 Thurs Zubiri 727
10/09/2004 Fri Puenta la Reina 683
11/09/2004 Sat Villamayor de Monjardin 652
12/09/2004 Sun Viana 621
13/09/2004 Mon Najera 583
14/09/2004 Tues Belorado 539
15/09/2004 Wed Atapuerca 509
16/09/2004 Thurs Hornillos del Camino 470
17/09/2004 Fri Hospital de San Nicolas 438
18/09/2004 Sat Carrion de los Condes 405
19/09/2004 Sun Sahagun 365
20/09/2004 Mon Mansilla de las Mulas 329
21/09/2004 Tues Leon 311
22/09/2004 Wed Leon 311
23/09/2004 Thurs Hospital de Orbigo 275
24/09/2004 Fri Rabanal del Camino 238
25/09/2004 Sat Ponferrada 205
26/09/2004 Sun Trabadelo 173.5
27/09/2004 Mon Triacastela 130
28/09/2004 Tues Portomarín 94
29/09/2004 Wed Arzua 37
30/09/2004 Thurs Santiago de compostella 0
01/10/2004 Fri Negreira 20.5
02/10/2004 Sat Cée 74
03/10/2004 Sun Finisterre 87
The lady at the office found it hard to believe so make sure you get lots of 'stamps' in your passport.

You can see my daily camino here http://phlog.net/user/geofones/archive/20040908 I blogged it from my mobile phone as I walked.

Good Camino
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What a speed!
I hardly can imagine that you have enjoyed the camino with that speed :?
or did you?


Thank you all for the helpful comments.

I'll going to plan for 30 days, just to have some reserve.

Maybe next time or next life I would do it even longer.

I quess, you never know exactly what will suit yourself best, without trying it once first.

Thanks again and take care!

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Camino in Under 30 days

In 2002 we followed the 28 day schedule in the Lonely Planet guide, written by Nancy Frey. We actually made up time across the meseta so finished in 27 days walking an average of 28 kms per day. (My friend was 74 years old and I was the baby at 56 years old.)
In my 1994 walk, I was 29 at the time BTW, having walked to Saint Jean Pied de Port from Paris, it took me 24 days to get from there to Santiago.

Sure, it can be done, but you'd better be a good walker and already in training.

Planning for 30 days is a better idea, Toomas, unless you are OK with a 25 mile/day point of view ...

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