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Oh dear... I have a broken foot and that has completely stopped me in my tracks. The stupid thing is that I haven´t even done any walking! I just flew in from England and in no time at all I fell down the steps and that´s me out of action...

I´m staying on the camino in Moratinos with Reb, and the idea was to help with some painting work here, then maybe look after the animals while Reb takes a well-deserved break, and finally do some walking from Burgos back to here before returning to Rome...

Now I´m just sitting here with my leg in plaster and none of the above is happening. So, I began to think, what shall I do with the enforced leisure time in this sleepy village on the Camino? Well, how about praying for the pilgrims presently on the road? That´s what I shall be doing. Just respond to this if you want to be remembered in regular prayers over the next couple of weeks, and I´ll just sit here (mending my foot), reading and praying. Just a quick post with your name will do, or add any details for particular prayer intentions.

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WolverineDG said:
How long will you be in Moratinos, Gareth? I'll be starting from SJP next Tuesday. :shock: if you're there long enough, perhaps we'll meet up?

That could work! :) I will have my leg in plaster for some time to come... Not exactly sure how long. I need to be back in Italy by mid-September.

Consider yourself added to the prayer list. I am experimenting with my crutches now, and have increased my speed now to a frightening pace, inspired by the mad example of Rebekah´s three-legged dog Una. So I shall hop along to Moratinos church, now open to pilgrims (and sello available), and spend some time each day in prayer there. Keep those prayer petitions coming, folks. PM seems to be the favoured method, or email me direct at garethomas (at) (Substitute at sign.)


I have just returned from hobbling down to Moratinos church on crutches, which turned out to be a half hour journey each way (a distance of some 300 metres). :?
Thanks Gareth! Or should I say "Hop A Long Cassidy?" :wink: I'm sure you'll soon be speeding away on those crutches. Just takes a bit of practice. Hope your foot feels better soon! :)



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Gareth Thomas said:
I have just returned from hobbling down to Moratinos church on crutches, which turned out to be a half hour journey each way (a distance of some 300 metres). :?

Oh Gareth :shock: Is it even as far as 300m??!! You take it easy! All the best for your recovery.
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Rebekah Scott

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Consider the other angles as well:
Here is a hospitalera looking forward to a break, now with a laid-up seminarian in the house. Add a cranky existentialist husband to the mix, and a three-legged dog, and (very soon) Johnnie Walker. Outside it is a dry, dry 32 degrees.

Pray for us.


KiwiNomad06 said:
Oh Gareth :shock: Is it even as far as 300m??!!

We´ll soon see: I´m just heading down there with the latest prayer list. I shall count the steps: one swing of the crutches = 1 metre, more or less, I think.



It is 250 swings of the crutches to the church in Moratinos. But we did not stop there did we? Foolishly, I decided to walk to San Nicolas, the next village and have lunch. I arrived after four hours of agony, with aching wrists, aching ribs and a terrible thirst, to discover the kitchen had closed. On the way a French family passed me and I asked them for water but they seemed not to understand. A Spanish cyclist passed me and I asked him for water (I was now dying!) and he said, "I only have half a bottle," and he carried on riding. It was another hour before I reached S.Nicolas: but he would have arrived within three minutes, downhill, and there is a fountain and a bar. I am on crutches doing six steps at a time and resting: he was coasting downhill on a super mountain bike. I begin to wonder about the spirit of the Camino.

Earlier, I prayed in the church for all who requested prayers - Pax et Bonum,


PS: Update. Have now left the Camino.

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