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Which badge alternative do you like the best?

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  • Alternative 4

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  • I like the ide of a badge, but I don't like any of these

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Staff member
Hi all,

.... and then I realized that I am not a good graphic designer.. :) Oh well, I have tried to put together some ideas for a forum badge. I kind of found one style and did a few versions with different colors.

I added a poll to this post so we can take a vote on which one we like (if any at all). The poll will be up for 21 days.

Please let me know what you think....

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Alternative 3

Alternative 4

Alternative 5
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Forum Badge

Hello Ivar,
Well done!! You are not half bad as a graphic designer!

I like the round badge.
I like the red with the yellow.
I like the real shell.

I think there might be a bit too much wording.

Perhaps we could copy the CSJ wording at the top of their badge: EG:

CAMINO DE SANTIAGO (Curved across the top of the badge)

And at the bottom:

(This is only two letters longer than the CSJ wording).

Hope you get lots of response.
I like Sil's suggestion-I think the curved letters are more stylish and I agree with the yellow/orange. I would still like CSJ included before "Santiago Today Forum"
Sil: I like your suggestions regarding....
CAMINO DE SANTIAGO (Curved across the top of the badge)

And at the bottom:


omar504: Since this forum is not affiliated with CSJ I don't feel it is right to put their name on our badge. By the way, CSJ have their own badge that you can buy here: ... es_25.html

... as of right now, it seems like Alternative 5 (blue and yellow is a favourite).

20 days until the poll closes.

Un saludo,
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I was just thinking...we may already be carrying forum badges, via our pics next to our posts. Am sure I'll be able to recognize Iver & Minkey from their pics should we coincide on the Caminos/Compostela. Now, if everyone would put up theirs, there r our badges! Best, xm!
:lol:, but I already did, Ulysse, my man...that was just an afterthought, given democracy and all that...Je me souvien, xm
I admire you XM for being aware of our National motto "Je me souviens". Of course there are so many Quebecers in Florida it is like another Canadian Province.
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
"Je me souviens". ...Quebecers in Florida..."

:lol: There's an area in S Fla that's affectionately called "Little Canada, " because of the many Quebecois that not only visit, but live here permanently.


xm 8)

I like the blue and gold, but on the contrary, I prefer the "stylised" shell to the realistic looking one. How would you make it look realistic on a badge anyways?
Down bag (90/10 duvet) of 700 fills with 180 g (6.34 ounces) of filling. Mummy-shaped structure, ideal when you are looking for lightness with great heating performance.

I like the stylised badge and would have to say that Blue and yellow would be my choice because on the way these colours can be such a relief to see and rather comforting to come across after a long hard days walking.
I would of worn one happily

Hi all,

Thanks for good feedback on the badges...

I have been in touch with BR David and others regarding this. As of this moment we have 37 votes on what badge to choose. I take this as an indication as how many are interested in buying a badge when it is done...

... so the problem is that when producing these badges we need to buy a batch of badges. Someone would need to produce, and pay up front for the production of, lets say 200-300 badges. Then we could start to sell them.... if they do not sell well, this person would sit there with unsold badges, loose money and time. I know it is not all about the money, but for the person organizing this it would be too bad if they do all the work and lose money doing it. It is complicated...

My question: Could we use something else to indicate that we are members of this forum? Something that we do not need to go out and buy... Like for example, a red thread/string tied around the right strap of your pack, or something like that. Something like this would be not commercial and easy to find anywhere in the world.

This said, if someone would like to create, produce and sell a forum badge I will support it. The poll we have would indicate what type of badge people like. But until we have such a person voluntering....

Other suggestions/ideas?

Greetings from Voss, Norway,
You could set up a store at I don't know if they have patches, but they definitely do custom pins. And they print one item at a time. They're based in the US, but they ship internationally. I don't think it costs anything to set up a store, and it looks pretty easy.

Or you could just post the image file for the badge and let people have their own printed locally.

Just a thought.
I mentioned before that we could use the badge available on the CSJ web site. Ivar correctly pointed out that the forum was separate from CSJ but given the relatively low interest in a specialised badge is it worth reconsidering?
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I like Ivar's suggestion - a red ribbon tied to the backpack - especially if we were to tie a scollop shell to the back with a red ribbon next to it? Easy and cheap to do and would stand out along the way. Just a thought. :)
Forum Badge

Or, we could paint our white scallop shells yellow! Instant camino badge.
Like Ivar, and perhaps others, although I like the idea of a badge I've had my doubts about how many would actually buy one - if a badge was made for sale ... though they could be a gift to all who donated to the site .....which would work...

but the new idea of something recognisable but individual I do like and seems bomb-proof ... ribbons, sure, but the yellow (or whichever) shell - absolutely fab idea (though not as edible as my fried egg) ... if that is too tricky (especially for those buying en route) perhaps a ribbon tied to the shell string
where the shell is tied on?

The only down-side is that it isn't something you can wear travelling around your home town. Think how it would be if you were sitting on the tube wearing a small lapel badge and someone came and introduced themselves!!
Unless .... very small scallop shells - no problem for us in the UK, furthest you can get from the sea is 76 miles .. might be more difficult if you live in Kansas (wherever that is) ...

am I waffling? yes...

last random thought ... perhaps a badge should state " Member" so someone who isn't a member seeing it would know the address?
I wrote an e-mail to CSJ in March asking if they would be interested in cooperating on a badge, but did not hear anything... until last week when I got a message saying that they might be interested in trying to work this out.

Sooo.. the badge is now back on again, hopefully we can work something out so that the Santiago Today forum badge could be sold in the CSJ store. That is the idea anyway... I hope we can work this one out. It would be great with a badge.

... just wanted to keep you up to date.. :)

I think that is brilliant Ivar - a long-standing group who will be there for years ... Fab idea, well done!. Ivar ... have you ever thought of a Santiago-Today Pilgrim Passport?
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Santiago-today Pilgrim Badge

The CSJ also sell a little pin on brooch - a replica of a 14thC Santiago souvenir that is displayed in the London Museum. I always wear mine on my hat.
Perhaps, to cut down costs, we could have a button badge? They are cheap, you don't need special artwork - just a photo of ur chosen badge will do - and we could buy a number of them (in case we do future caminos).
I wear one of those badges as well, SillyDoll - I think the original was found on the Thames foreshore ....I do like the idea of a button badge - have said before that I like the idea of a badge one can move to different clothing - consider, we spend most of our lives OFF the Caminos, so it would be nice to have a badge to wear in our 'normative' lives ....

just looked at the cafepress site - way to go! so, problem solved!
Button Badges

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Well I've just gone and ordered a button, magnet and journal book from the site Ivar has listed here:

solves everyone's problems doesn't it? Hopefully others will order too so that I won't be the only one wearing the button on my backpack or clothes when I walk the camino. Happy shopping everyone. 8)
Janeh-I just bought the badge-pity we didn't co-ordinate and save on postage! So you won't be the only one-look forward to seeing others on the camino in june -august (Le Puy to SDC).
No fried egg badges?
I'll be buying mine soon (badge not fried egg).

Last night, out of nowhere, had an almost irresistable desire to drop what I'm doing, pack, and go straight to the Camino ....
Great work with the badge!

Good idea with the cafe press items. I'll be buying my button badge / sticker / journal, etc. soon :)

Let's try and remember to wear the button/badge when 2010 rolls around? That will probably be my next visit to the Camino... during the jubilee. Plus it will be nice to play "spot the foum member" while walking :lol:
Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.
I know what you mean about the irrestistable urge, Br. David... I have only been back a few weeks and am longing to be on the camino again. I don't think I'll wait though - time and age march on. Probably back next year again..


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