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globetrotter solar chargers for phones and cameras?


New Member
I know that bringing phones and even cameras on the camino is generally considered intrusive but I have to be realistic and as I have an elderly mother and two kids at home I would like them to be able to contact me should the need arise.

I am therefore wondering about charging batteries at the albergues? I imagine I will not be the only one so therefore there could be long queues and I may not even get near a socket.

I have heard about a Globetrotter Solar Pack, an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device anywhere, anytime. Apparently it can charge a battery in as little as 4 hours in sunshine. It weighs only 200gms which I could cope with!

Does anyone have any experience of this and if so, is it worth bringing with me or am I worrying unduly and I will be able to charge my batteries quite easily?

I, no more than anyone, want the outside world to intrude on my camino but I would be happier knowing that my family can contact me if they needed to and so I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

Many thanks,

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Veteran Member
Hi Prilia, Don't bring too much heavy'll have to carry it every single day. Imagine carring such gear when you could leave your bag free for provisions .........or a free hand to help someone else along the way. If the worst comes to the worst for charging battereies.....have a cafe con leche / coffee / beer /vino tinto & ask can you do it......or spend quality time with some of the Spanish people you encounter & speak to them about your life.

Buen camino



Veteran Member
Hi Prilia, where are you based? .......& by the way it's Sláinte...ctrl alt etc

Buen Camino


PS. Sil ,J.Walker & Javier will give you best advice.


New Member
I have some experience with the portable solar charging systems. I bring along a Solio Hybrid 1000 for charging my blackberry on extended backpacking trips. The performance of these devices depends on many factors. Many of these devices require direct full sunlight to fully charge and may have charging issues when the weather is overcast. I have not seen a system yet that is water resistant enough to leave out exposed to rain or snow. Take into account what time of year you are waking (weather)and the amount of battery usage on your devices needing a charge. My Solio has been a hit or miss when it came to charging it's internal battery to full capacity. Unfortunately, I am leaving my solar charger at home for my Camino in April. I would look to see if your plug in charger would work better over a solar panel.

Learn how to Get "Camino Ready " 2nd Edition. In English, Spanish, German and Korean
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I don't know about solar, but I managed to charge my camera batteries just fine along the way by plugging in the charger. The only thing is you have to be SMART about it and keep an eye on your charger so it doesn't walk away.


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Get a European cell phone charger for your model and charge in cafes and refugios along the way. As for camera batteries, I chose to just carry an extra pair with me...two batteries carried me 30 days and a few hundred pictures. Buen Camino!


New Member
Prilia hi

I am having the same dilema - have you started your camino yet ? If so did you take a solar panel and was it effective - which one did you take ? if not was it easy to charge things along the way.

I hope your camino brings /brought you everything you wished from it



Active Member
Hi, I have a super excellent power-monkey. I've jused it two years running, it works like a battery cell - charges up when you find power and you can plug it into your devices whenever. It comes with lots of adapters for phones, it also did my ipod and some cameras. It powers itself from power plug points, usb ports and it also has a solar panel that you can buy for it!!
I managed fine charging both the powermonkey and my camera battery charger (sorry i like my technology...) on the camino frances last year. Yes sometimes it is hard to get a plug but then you probably won't want one everyday. I usually tried to get to a socket every 3 days or so and if not then the solar power thingy worked ok. You don't get a lot of solar power (esp if its raining) but i could usually get enough to recharge my phone for a bit.
Stay in the newish looking albergue with the huts in Atapuerca (just before burgos) they have a plug socket for every single bed!!! what a luxury! :)

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