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June/July Camino


RIP 2015
Another rush of blood to the head,flights booked 9th June out (sjpp) July 26th back (Santiago)
well chuffed and soooooooooooooooooooo ready .Wish me luck :D
Ian ( Rosie is skipping this one)
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Good Luck, Ian!

We'll be following your blog!

Meantime - where are you going to find a hill to practise for the Pyrenees?

("Very flat, Norfolk")
yay! how exciting.

And Happy Belated forum Birthday as I notice that you joined a year ago yesterday

Will there be cake? :D
thanks for the good wishes,its just now in the cold light of day that I realise what I've taken on,I may need the Johnnie Walker before I start,but will be more than happy to raise a glass with you in Santiago John 8)
The hills will of course cause a problem Bridget,will have to rely on my Yorkshire upbringing and walking the Calderdale way next week-50 mls of Yorkshire Pennine pack horse trail and drinking some decent beer for a change.
I don't in anyway want to minimise the extent of the challenge for this 62 year old baby-boomer ( peace and love :D ) but as Jane B has reminded me I've been a member here one year since St George's day 2008 so ready for the odd dragon, or maybe a tilt at the odd windmill.
Read so many blogs this last year I feel like a 2nd world war pilots wife counting them out and counting them back again,great people with inspiring stories and now its my turn :arrow: :arrow:
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Well done Ian, great decision. I´ll be about a month ahead of you, so I doubt we´ll meet, but I do hope you really enjoy your Camino and I wish you the best of luck :) .
Hi Ian,
We couldn't wait either. We planned to return in 2010 to finish a couple hundred clicks but we will go again this October.

How did you talk Rosie into letting you go without her? :wink:

Enjoy your anticipation!

Welcome back Nicole
got quite concerned for you and Rob when your blog just finished,thought you may have succumed to your injuries that or maybe gone on a restaurant tour of Spain. :)
will think of you both when I'am struggling up that first hill,
Rosie (52) wanted us to wait one maybe two more years before starting our Camino I (62) didn't,she's looking forward to 6 weeks of peace and quite, not having to listen to me talking about it all the time.
The restaurant tour was tempting but we had to go home :cry:
Yes, sorry about the abrupt stoppage on the blog but Madrid was not so easy for the internet access. I was surprised that there was easier access on the Camino. I'll pick up where we left off on the blog this Fall and I'll be following your blog when you hit the road.

Good news is that injuries do heal but take it easy in the first place so you don't have to find out.
Great news about your Camino, Ian,

At least you know you'll be warmer and drier on the Francés in June/July! :wink: At least until you get to Galicia!

Buen Camino,
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Hi Ian,
I will be a few days ahead of you(leave SJPP June 3rd). Perhaps you will catch me. If I run into any great or horrible situations along the way, I will be sure to post them on this site for you to read.
Safe travels and enjoy the walk!
Hi Ian, might meet you there, starting same day as you in St Jean, as I had to rebook flights. Have a great Camino!
thank you for the good wishes Orla I wish the same for you
and a great camino to you too maretha, I hope we all get to share a glass somewhere on the route,
how exciting is it now its so close?
I've booked a flight from Stanstead on 11th June, my 62nd birthday. I imagine I'll be going at a snails pace, so I don't expect I'll catch up with you along the trail.
Buen Camino, Ian
You won't be the only snail on the trail,spending the 11th June hopefully at Orrison.
Nice to know another baby-boomer from the 1947 vintage is close at hand.
good luck and happy birthday for the 11th
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.

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We're in the airport at Springfield, Mo, begining our journey to Chicago then Munich then Madrid. Visited my ailing, elderly parents before heading out. Will see them again on the return instead...
I see lots of people asking re cost…. My hubby and I have just done 18 days Santo Domingo to Astorga. Using dorm beds and a mix of Peregrinos Menu / self catering, stopping for coffee a couple of...
How much of spending on the Frances these days can you put on your credit card? Trying to avoid atm fees.
Just outside Astorga, on the left side of the Frances route to El Ganso and Rabanal and very near the Ecce Homo ermita, a Memorial Garden was established c2015 in the wake of the murder of Denise...
I finally experienced it first hand. Yes, it’s a doozy! But I’m an old guy, and I made it without incident with my bike - not “on” my bike. Today was dry, and may have been for a few days, so...
Looking for a good trusted ATM in St Jean Pied de Port.

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