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Laundry Masher

Ideal pocket guides for during and after your Camino. Each weighs just 40g (1.4 oz).
Product Size 64 x 93.5 x 65.5mm Weight 99g
Does not look like you can get refillable beads so once the 200 washes are done - time to buy a new Grenade
I dont know... less than 100g - thats negligible IMHO and on a Camino of say 6 weeks (which on Frances is a good stretch) at even 2 washes\week (again i think its "pushing" it) only 12 washes.
You can get 16 Caminos out of this :)
...and ship it to Santiago for storage. You pick it up once in Santiago. Service offered by Casa Ivar (we use DHL for transportation).
not sure we'll be able to make it through the plane security with that Grenade-looking contraption
Not a chance! Seems like an engraved invitation to get frisked. Not to mention the likely delay.
I have a titanium shoulder replacement that creates no problem for TSA in the US. In Spain despite calling awareness to it, it always sets off security which entails wanding and more, despite that the exact site shows up clearly on the surveillance scan.
Imagine, what would a laundry grenade elicit?
Laundry Masher - Hmmm... on one hand may come very handy. on the other not sure we'll be able to make it through the plane security with that Grenade-looking contraption
Pretty Funny!!! You will be screwed in airport security, plus you still need a washing machine to use this. What a waste of time and money--most machines cost 4e. I do my laundry by hand every day on Camino, which takes about 10 minutes and costs nothing.
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.

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Hi all! I know shoes are discussed quite a bit here but I have a last minute question as I head out on the Camino Frances next Sunday. I have a weaker ankle so I purchase the Oboz Sapphire Mid...
Anyone had any experience with getting collapsible (fold up) poles through airport security checkpoints in carryon baggage. In particular when exiting Australia and Spain?
There are a lot of discussions about preparing for a Camino. What boots? Waterproof? Do I need poles? What's the best pack, size, brand? All good questions and there's a lot of information on all...
I stopped in the pilgrim store Armería Castro.Deportes y Tienda del peregrino today, and they carry bags of wool to use on your feet. https://maps.app.goo.gl/Zb8fM4AK2qyCuGYt6?g_st=ac
Noticed for the first time today that Costco is carrying a Cloudveil short sleeve shirt. It’s loose fitting, sleeves quite short and is 52% merino and 48% tencel, several colours. For $17 I...
I need to store my medium size suitcase in Santiago de Compostela for a few days while I will be cycling the camino from Porto. The albergue that I am staying at before and after the camino, does...

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