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Madrid to Roncesvalles


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Looks as if my plans are slowly coming together, thanks mostly to all the useful information posted here. I´m unsure on a couple of points though, so would be glad of any suggestions or advice. My plan is to fly from Brazil on May 11, arriving in Madrid May 12 at 11:55 am. As far as I can see, this would be too late to catch the bus to Pamplona, and the next train for Pamplona only leaves Madrid in the evening. My best option would appear to be to fly to Pamplona, arriving there about 5pm. How far is the bus to Roncesvalles from Pamplona airport? Would I be able to make it in an hour, or would it be better to plan to spend the night in Pamplona and get the bus the next day? Maybe a good night´s sleep might be better as I shall be jet lagged. If I´m staying overnight in Pamplona I would like somewhere Inexpensive and easy to get to. Also, if there is a tourist office there, whereabouts is it? Enough questions for now, hope someone can help me. Thanks. (I am getting REALLY excited about my Camino now).
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Hi Sandra

The Madrid-Pamplona timetables for May are not published yet but if you look at March on the link below you will see there are several buses to Pamplona that would get you there the same day. (The timetable is unlikely to alter much for May)

The Spanish bus system is very reliable and comfortable so you may even get some sleep!


Personally, I would push on to Pamplona before relaxing. Its a lovely city and you will soon feel the camino vibe when you see pilgrims passing through. You could decide then whether you need an extra night to recover or are ready to head for the hills! (Another alternative is to walk a couple of very short days from Roncesvalles and recover from your jet lag whilst making gentle progress.)

I can't offer any suggestions as to a good place to stay in Pamplona but I'm sure others will have some ideas for you. I think the albergue in Pamplona possibly allows pilgrims to stay there en route to Roncesvalles but someone might be able to confirm this. If you have the Brierley guide then it lists several hostals in central Pamplona...If you don't, then let me know and I can send them to you. There is a tourist info office in a street called Calle Eslava, very near the Plaza San Francisco and there is pension of the same name almost directly opposite. (There is also a Hostal Eslava in another plaza so that might be confusing!) I'm sure a web search will come up with a good map for you.

Happy planning and buen camino,
I stayed at the Hotel Eslava, which is just on the edge of the old town, close to the church that has the chapel of San Fernin. Can't remember the street it's on offhand, but the tourist information office & bus station are close by.

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Hi Sandra,

I flew from Madrid to Pamplona, got a taxi to the Albergue (all taxi drivers know it) found a couple there going to Roncesvalles the next morning...we split the fare...I continued on to SJPDP.

Keep it simple!

Buen Camino

Can you stay in the Albergue before you start the Camino?
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The address for movilia is out of date, but movelia.es gets you there.

Wow! I discovered that there is an express bus directly from Barajas airport to Pamplona at 30 euro or so.

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