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I'm thinking of following so many other recent footsteps next year and walking the Madrid / San Salvador / Primitivo Camino... Starting at the end of September.

I've read a number of threads and blogs and I just wondered... How was it for you? A few blogs I read were sometimes shall we say a little unenthusiastic... I'm walking the first three weeks with my husband so we don't mind it not being busy... But how does it compare to other walks for beauty, variety, history?

Thanks in advance :)


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Camino Frances (15 April 2013)
Camino Portuguese (1 May 2014)
Camino Mozárabe from Málaga (8 April 2015)
Camino del Norte & Camino Ingles (April 2016)
I really enjoyed this trio of caminos as you probably already know. The Madrid section provided an abundance of beautiful scenery, relatively little road walking, and I particularly enjoyed the architecture. Go for it!


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2010: Porto - SdC - Finisterra 2011: E4 on Crete 2012: Le Puy - SJPdP 2013: Camino Madrid -> Del Salvador -> Primitivo 2014: European Peace Walk. 2015: Amsterdam - SdC & Barcelona -Burgos. 2016:Norte & hospitalero
I did these three caminos in 2013, this page is too small how enthousias I was about this triple caminos. :p It was very very beautiful for me and I loved the variety. Before I thought that the camino the Madrid would be without variety, but it amazed me every day!
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I'm with @Magwood and @Thomas1962 . I did Primitivo first a few years ago. It was not so busy then. Loved it. Planned last year to do Madrid and Salvador and for family reasons could only do Madrid which was fantastic, if you don't mind being alone. (I look for that). Excellent waymarking and great pilgrim accommodation. I'll catch up with Salvador soon I hope. I'm nearing Bari on way from Canterbury to Brindisi right now.:cool:
Add my praise to the chorus. I walked this route starting years ago in early May and it is a great blend of things. Madrid to Sahagún is almost totally off road, since it makes no pretense of following any historical pilgrimage route. But it follows old livestock routes and other paths that date way back, some say the walk up to the pass at Fonfría before Segovia is Roman Road, though others dispute that. The pilgrim facilities are excellent. There are some very nice castles, in Manzanares and Coca. The towns of Medina del Rioseco and Villalón de Campos have pretty town centers. And of course a visit to Segovia! The aqueduct at night is one of Spain’s most beautiful sights. If I were to walk it again and if I had the time I would take the detour over to Valsaín and La Granja. The “mini Versailles” Bourbon palace at La Granja is well worth a visit. And there is a nice parador there for a splurge if you are so inclined. I have fond memories of my kids running crazily through a great maze made of tall bushes, and the inside of the palace gives you all that over the top gilded glamor without the crowds. A day trip detour to Vallodolid is a nice break and can easily be done on foot if you have time. The national sculpture museum there is excellent and has a riotous plateresque facade.

For me, long stretches of open spaces and huge fields of emerald green grain interspersed with bright red poppies (which admittedly will be brown in September) are great backdrops for why I go to the camino — to walk, to process, to be grateful to be alive. If you found the meseta “boring”, you will likely find some of these days in that same vein. Some of the small towns like Ciguñuela and Castromonte have very few residents, but I never had a problem finding food or getting a bed.

The risk of taking advice from the forum is that we are disproportionately camino addicts, though. But since you are one, too, you are well aware of that fact!
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Several and counting...
@peregrina2000 Laurie, reading that has made me come over all nostalgic! Even though I've just reached the east coast of Italy at Barletta, and so I'm having my own fun!
Yes I diverted to Valladolid and the Realsitio (La Granja), both on foot and both very nice indeed if you have time. Very nice pilgrim-friendly gite at La Granja called de Lys I think. And amazing old bar in the lovely old covered market in the morning too. And happily albergue open again at Rioseco.
On the day to Rioseco I took a lengthy diversion to old Cistercian Monastery at La Santa Spina (in the middle of a field!) It is now an agricultural college but church lovingly restored. I wouldn't have missed it.
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Caminos Madrid, Frances and Finisterre (2015)
Camino Norte-2017; Camino Ingles from A Coruna - 2017
I too thoroughly enjoyed the Camino Madrid. My only caution would be that finding food during the day was sometimes challenging due to a lack of open bars and markets. It's a good idea, IMO, to carry lunch/snacks with you. Finding food in the evenings was never a problem.
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Several and counting...
I too thoroughly enjoyed the Camino Madrid. My only caution would be that finding food during the day was sometimes challenging due to a lack of open bars and markets. It's a good idea, IMO, to carry lunch/snacks with you. Finding food in the evenings was never a problem.
Yes. I'd agree with that. BUT, no guarantee you will find a shop! Cereal bars and water can sustain life indefinitely!;) I hate carrying the weight, and on VF in France and right now on VF del Sud there is same problem. I've learned (?!) to only eat once a day. I always have water. Occasionally a filling station appears. But.....easily 70% here in the south are un-manned and the ex-bar stands empty. At one point on VF in France there were 61km between bars!!


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Thank you one and all... You've put my mind to rest now! All being well we will leave Madrid on the 25th September... but A lot can happen between then and now so I'm not saying for sure... But hopefully!

My next problem will be that we have to lose 3 days between Madrid and Oviedo... my husband won't be walking the Primitivo and has less time off than me... I think I can feel a spreadsheet coming on :) ... I'm confident there will be more questions :cool:
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'03CF, '08VdlP, '12Porto, '14VdlP via Port '15CPI ‘17Levante to Toledo
Ooh, @LesBrass I love your hybrid idea. I’m hoping to walk the Madrid in May 2019 along with completing the Levante and maybe add in the Invierno.
There is a lot of great info on all these lesser routes now. Like you, I can see a spreadsheet coming on. Pity we aren't able to sync dates. You never know though. I’ll PM you if my dates change to autumn.
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Past: (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
Future (God-willing): Madrid, Salvador, Primitivo (2018)
I have just completed that trio and loved it. Interestingly, friends and family (some of them) reading my blog thought the wide open plains after Segovia looked boring. I didn’t mind them, but do enjoy hills more - plenty of hills after Leon!!
Are you planning on walking Sahagun to Leon? Taking the train would be an easy way to lose two or three days.
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@gracethepilgrim ... yes! compare notes if your dates change! I'm pretty fixed to the end of September. And I think I need to be home by 26th October... but well... if your dates change ;) And the Levents is in my sights for 2020... Valencia to Santiago I hope!

@C clearly ... happy planning... I love a good spreadsheet!

@Kiwi-family ... I read your blog and made notes! We've already planned the train from Sahagun to Leon... I think I've manage to lose 3 days, I've got two choices. I have time to mull it over though as we dont have to decide until we're walking... maybe we'll let the weather decide :)
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I'am not perfect, but I'm always myself!!!
You people are causing trouble for me! I had "decided" to walk the Sanabres in 2019, but now cannot decide between these two routes for March or April:
  • Madrid to Sahagun
  • Zamora to Santiago
(I already have spreadsheets and KML files for both.)
Madrid and Sanabres are quite different. While Madrid has just one really hilly day, the Sanabres only has few "flat" days at the beginning and then hills begin. Also Madrid is much more solitary in comparison to Sanabres onto which a lot of VdlP pilgrims turn after Granja de Moreruela.

I love them both for different reasons :)
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