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No use trying to sleep... 3 hours 57 mins to go...


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Almost 3 in the morning: Drinking coffee, doing the last bit Net surfing, worrying about what I have forgotten to bring, and deeply suffering from traveling fever. :lol:

Less than 4 hours until takeoff: Must get some sleep on the plane. (6 hours in all).

So later today, this first-time pilgrim will struggle with poor Spanish, finding the bus from Barcelona to Pamplona, finding a place to stay, get the next morning bus to Roncesvalles, and start walking, I guess.

What have I done? No, I know it's right. I just need to get to my starting point and start walking. Thankfully, I have time as much as I need: Only one-way ticket for me.

The forum has helped enourmosly in my preparations/considerations. Thanks to all :!:

OK, will log off, stow away my PC, have more coffee and more worrying about forgotten items :twisted:


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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances 2006, Camino Portuguese 2009
And I have 11 hours until take off and am feeling quite excited. Last night I got such a scare when I called to confirm and was told there was no e-ticket issued to me. After a couple more calls I was assured that everything was fine. It took me several hours to calm down after that though.

And so one by one we are off on our adventure. that pile by your bed now in your backpack??



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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances 2006, Camino Portuguese 2009
Yes, I am still not really calm about it and won't be until I am on the plane.

See you at L'Esprit Kelly!



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Melinda, you have probably just arrived and I bet you cannot wait to get to L'Esprit and start your hospitalera routines. Wish I was on the CF just to see you there.
Yes, my pile is in the rucksack..... did it at 3am (hence my posting here, for I too am excited and cannot put myself to sleep) and am ready to leave tomorrow. :wink:
Hope we can meet up somewhere either in France or Spain.
(Melinda and I met through this wonderful forum and have become friends. She drove through Tallahassee yesterday and stopped in to visit, I gave her an Altus poncho to take with her, and had a few laughs before she left for her trip.... one of the laughs being my pack was empty with all my stuff on the floor and leaving in 2 days) To the Camino I go!!


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