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2017 | May | Vezelay this space!

2010 | September | Camino de Santiago in - completed in full - 33 days - no rest days! Was an awesome experience!!
Hi there all

Can anyone direct me to where I can access the Orisson refugio? I would like to book 1night accomm & not sure what it is called and if its got a website etc - appreciate any help.

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I assume that if one is walking in mid-to-late March it is more likely they will go the Valcarlos route than the Napoleon Route. Too bad Orisson does not open a bit sooner. :cry:
You could stay at Hunnto which is just a couple of kms from Orisson. The Pilgrims' Office will phone ahead and check if they have space for you.
There is an albergue in Valcarlos if you have to walk the road route - which you might have to do if the weather is bad.
Heard from Grant Spangler via another forum -

Greetings from the Camino. Just crossed into Castilla-Leon and theres snow, snow, snow, big wind and a bit (!) of mud. Staying with Acacio and Orietta, looking out the window at our winter wonderland. Deciding where to go today.
The weather was rather horizonal yesterday. Snow from the north and from the west. All at force ten. Rethinking the Patagonia R2 jackets sent forward to Elyn in Sahagun. We may be picking these up for use before crossing the Mointes de Leon and Cordillera Cantabrica.
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Thank you everyone - I have sent email request for accommodation but given the website does say they're not open until April - I guess I may not hear from them until early March - I would assume they would start taking & acknowledging bookings a few weeks prior to opening :?: Anyway will soon see and I will keep on it - I don't leave Australia until early April so still have plenty of time - I will keep my eyes open :shock: lol

I note the "weather report" brrrrr given the crazy winter Europe is having and that they also had late snow falls end of March 2008, suspect & expecting not so fancy weather for when I commence on 13th April - am planning for snow at the beginning (Pyrenees crossing anyway) and have gone and purchased more layers!! And finally got boots instead of shoes - given I know I'm going to have a lot of rain as well - slippery conditions are NOT ankle friendly, so finally decided on boots for more support! Doing an ankle on the first couple of days will not make me a happy Pilgrim :?

2 months....roll on..... :p

Ciao ciao - Jacqui

P.S. if anyone has Facebook - please search for CAMINO HEARTBEAT that is my page and I will be blogging on that daily whilst I'm doing my Pilgrimage & that is also where my pics will be uploaded. Love to see as many as possible "hit" my page :D
Hi Rose

They also speak english, just the websit isn't in english - got a response lastnight - so thank you.

Jacqui :D
Hi there all

Can anyone direct me to where I can access the Orisson refugio? I would like to book 1night accomm & not sure what it is called and if its got a website etc - appreciate any help.

I just booked a bed for April 15. I emailed them in English and they sent an invoice which I paid with Pay-Pal. With the fees it came to 37+euro for bed, dinner and breakfast. I was able to translate their website to English by clicking on an American flag icon.
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The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk. Discount is taken at check out, only by using this link.

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I’m planning on walking the French route starting in a few days and I’m wondering I need to book accommodations ahead of if I’ll be able to walk into town and get something each night? Also...
The May numbers from the SJPDP pilgrim office have recently been published on their Facebook account. Edit: new link added for the PDF file...
In Viana tonight. I have observed many French pilgrims along the way since SJPDP. I recall in my two previous late Spring Caminos this seems to be a popular time for them. Maybe someone has...

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