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Our house


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Hi everyone,

My wife and I bought an old stone house just outside Santiago about a year ago. The property is quite big, with a 2nd house that we want to fix-up. It is not a big house, but about 40m2 on one floor.

One of the things we are thinking of is restoring it and renting it out to people visiting Santiago de Compostela. With the new road that they are making, it would be about 5-10 minutes to Santiago by car. We have not yet decided anything, and it will still be a year or two before anything is done, but we are in the planning stages.

Then I got started thinking about the pilgrims. Would this be interesting for pilgrims on either el camino portuguese or the trip out to Finisterre?

Our house is located here:

If you find Brión and Ames west of Santiago, I live just under the B in "Brión" and just left of the A in "Ames".

Would this be too close to Santiago for a pilgrim to stay? Would it be out of the way in regards to the caminos?

We are still working on restoring the main house, but have to start making some plans for the smaller house we want to fix up.

Thanks for your feedback,
An interesting post. I would say it's too _far_ from Santiago and the waymarked routes to/from Fisterra/Portugal - at least for walkers, perhaps cyclists might find it more interesting. Unless, that is, you're prepared to pick people up from Santiago or some point on the routes.

Is there a bus service along the Noia road?


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Picking people up could be an option, but of course that would mean a lot more work.

If we decide to make it a rental maybe we should focus on the people staying longer and that have a car. There is a bus along the Noia road, but... only 3 or 4 times a day and it is not punctual, so it makes it a difficult option.

Another option is to just make it into an office for my wife and me. That way, when I go to work in the morning I actually have a commute. :)

Thanks for your feedback Peter. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow for Santiago. We need it!



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Yes, maybe I can get people to come if the room includes one bottle of white wine? :lol:

Our property is quite nice, so once the buildings are reconstructed I think it could be an alternative... for now, we need to focus on the reconstruction part. :wink:


Twice I have been to Santiago and looked into renting a self catering place for the two of us. It was impossible to get anything in Santiago
and what was on offer tended to sleep ten people.

I think it would be an ideal place for people with cars to stay at( unfortunately i do not have a car) and you could market it on the website and with the tourismo, I can't imagine you would have much trouble renting it out as thanks to the cheaper Ryanair flights Galicia appears to be getting more and more tourists from the rest of Europe.

Good luck with it all.


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