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New Member
My friend and I have just returned from our first Camino, from Sarria to SDC in 5 days. We had such an amazing and special time that we have already booked flights from Dublin to Oporto, leaving on 27th May, and have given ourselves 2 weeks to complete which I believe will be plenty of time. We are now considering walking on to Finnisterre - how many days does it take (averaging 20kms per day),from SDC to Finnisterre?
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Someone who knows more than I do will post but I think it is about 4 days. --The thing is that there are only a few albergues so I don't think there is as much choice as where you stay/walk to each day. The friends that I met and I rented a car and drove to Finisterre but on the way back stopped at one of the albergues to surprise our friends who had left that morning from Santiago. I know that we knew where they would be as the guidebook ( a friend's German guidebook) listed the albergues--and there was really no choice--so it wasn't like the rest of the Camino Frances with albergues in each village. I will be eager to hear of your adventure. I completed the Camino Frances from Roncesavalles in early April. It was such a great experience. I toyed with the idea of going back this summer to do the Camino del Norte but I don't think I can swing it this year. dear new friends that I met on the Camino and I plan to do the Camino Portugues from Porto together next spring(2009). I hope you will post comments on the Camino Portugues. We are already looking forward to meeting up next year to do this and are interested in hearing about other peoples' experience..


Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino
Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018
Shirely, I'm so sorry that we will miss you!! We'll be a few days ahead of you...arriving in Oporto on the 23rd!! Our flight home to the States is on June 1st...wish we had more time...we'll probably rent a car to go to Finistere...Next time...will take all my vacation at once!! Damn eldest child...getting married this summer...means I actually have to do something meaningful later in the summer....although as mother of the groom...that ain't all that much...hmmm...wonder if they'd mind if I showed up a tad late and in hiking least we know my feet would be comfy!

Buen Camino, Karin :)


New Member
Thanks so much fellow-pilgrims for your warmth and interest in my journey from Oporto. I have decided not to make any firm plans about reaching Finnisterre in a designated time, but to heed John Brierley's advice - to take the Mystical route, follow my heart and trust in the path I am led...
I will most definately post comments on my experience of this route when I return. God bless.
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Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Yo will need three days to walk SDC-Finisterre.

If you have an extra day you can rest in the albergue in Corcubion, an special place to know.

And if you have another extra day, Finisterre-Muxia.

To walk Porto-SDC is completely enough 10 days, 12 if you walk only a few a day (about 240 km)

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

Red Kite

I've just returned from my first camino and want to walk this exact walk in June next year. Let us know how you get on Shirley.

I've heard that the Camino Portugeuse is very quiet compared to the Camino Frances. Is this true?

We went by bus to Finisterre. Simply gorgeous. The sun came out for the first time in a week and treated us to the most beautiful of sunsets. A great way to finish the Camino.

Red Kite

Hi Rebekah

I'm going to do a blog, I think. I passed through Moratinos on a hot, sultry day...I think everyone must have been having a siesta because there was not a soul in sight.

What a lovely part of the world to live.


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