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Thank you to all volunteers of the local CSJ


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This forum gives a wealth of information but I'm making this post to also bring the national confraternities into the spotlight.
I went to a local meeting of the belgian fraternity and visited their office in Mechelen. All the volunteers were friendly, gave lots of info. Their library was also very impressive.

So a big thank you to those forummembers who also are volunteering in their local CSJ!
Mil gracias!
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Last year the President of the CSJ in Belgium stayed at the St Roque Albergue in Corcubion while I was hospitalera there. We only found this out the next day when we read his entry in the visitors book. Nice chap, very friendly and helpful.
Hi Sil,

Glad to hear he was such a nice guy. I guessed as much when I heard him do a little introduction speech on a get together earlier this year.
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The belgian CFJ has a very interesting project running in Belgium. Lots of volunteers and their friends are doing daily walking ( some parts , others the whole way ) tours that connect different cities that have a church that is named after Saint Jacob. So they call it "the Saint Jacob's walking path". Local volunteers in each city will take care of their accomodation and the side-events. In some cities it will be a celebration mass, other cities will organise a musicrecital and others will organise a tour of the city with a local guide...etc...etc...
The city where I was born organised a mass and afterwards the " opening " of the scallop that is ingraved in a stone before the Saint Jacobs-church. So from now on pelgrims will be shown the way when they pass byt the local church.

It was very moving to attend the mass ( although not active practisioning anymore ) and talk to some of the volunteers.

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