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US to Seville


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Howdy-----Hoping to walk the Vdlp in sping (we're seasoned pilgrims, walked the Camino Frances in 2001 and 2004)) and wondering how best to get to Seville from the US. US airlines sometimes have a month time limit for decent tickets. Know any European carriers that are more accomodating? Know anything else? Thanks much, stella
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Hello, have a look at Iberia (http://www.iberia.com). They usually have good deals to Spain, and you might even book a multi-leg ticket that either returns you to Sevilla or has you flying home from another city. I don't think the month-plus will be an issue.

Good luck with the flight and el camino!

Hi there,

Have a look at http://www.ba.com and select USA as your home country. I don't think they have the 1 month limit that you mention.

Also, consider looking for an air ticket to Madrid and take the AVE (high speed train) from Madrid (Atocha station) to Seville. It is about a 2,5 hour train ride in up to 200km/h speed. I tried it once and it was a great way to travel (no need to be at the station hours before as you need at airports for example). More on the train here:

Here is a picture of the train:

Un saludo,
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If you flew to Barcelona you could get a Vueling.com flight to Seville for E20 (one way).
ticket to ride:re: us----seville

Muchas muchas gracias (on this day-after-the-day of El Dia de Gracias in the US of Ahhhhhhhhhhhhs). I'll check out the websites with diligence.
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