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Via de la Plata End of Oct to mid-December?

John Hussey

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Anyone care to venture advice as to what to expect along the Camino Mozarabe from the end of October to mid December? It appears I should start out northward from Sevilla on the 24th of October. I did the Camino Frances in 2005 starting three weeks earlier and had mostly good weather, with a fair amount of rain, though, but I am used to it, I suppose.
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Hello John. We walked the Plata from the 12th of October until the 17th of November in 2005. We had a lot of rain in Andalucia at the start. They had some sort of freak weather with floods in Cordoba and elsewhere.
After a few days it became clear and much more typical I suppose. Rather cool at night until we were north of Caceres when it started to get a bit cold with frost.
After that we got a lot of cool clear days with heavy frost in the mornings all the way to Santiago. These days were interspersed with two to three days of milder temperatures with heavy rain and the occasional thunderstorm. The problem (as usual) was drying our clothes. There are no tourists and probably very few pilgrims so you can ask nicely at the bar/restaurant if you can hang your clothes in front of the radiator.
We did it in several places. You can also risk NO heating in the refo i.e. Ourense! We manged to dry all our clothes in front of the bar radiator on our last night at the hostal in Ponte Ulla. Lovely people. Otherwise the people at the Carlo V hostal in Sanabria will wash and dry your clothes for you. See Alisons guide.
Wollen socks, woollen cap, light woollen gloves, long (ski) underwear, good light raingear (gore tex?) could be useful. It is wonderful, peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy!
I am mostly concerned with the latter half of the trek as it will be near winter as I head over the higher mountains and will be December when I get into Galicia. I dont mind some cold weather or even a light snow, but my sub-tropical blood is more attuned to heat than to a nail-biting cold!

My other quandary is whether to continue on up from the VdlP to hook up with the Camino Frances in Astorga, with the possibility of encountering a few more other pilgrims there, or to continue on in likely solitude by taking one of the two lessor traveled Camino paths over Portugal to Santiago. I have decided to wait until then to make that decision
John - I totally understand. I walked the first half in January and even in the South had freezing fog to contend with. I finished via Puebla de Sanabria, Laza and Ourense - there are some spectacular and demanding stages with steep climbs. I remember remarking at the time that I wouldn't like to be hiking some of the paths in really bad weather or snow. I think you need to choose carefully as you progress North and be well equipped.

But challenges or not the route is very beautiful and hugely rewarding.

I see, John, you are about to embark on the VdlP in a few days time. Good luck. I understand it is about the most beautiful of the caminos but so far I have done little research on it, the route, lodgings, etc.
I hope you will be able to keep us up to date on your travels and adventures as you progress as it is good to see what people experience as they go along. I walked Le Puy to Santiago and on to Finisterra, finishing the road to Santiago on 14 Novemebr, 2005. Weather at the end was cool and a bit damp in Galicia but on the whole not too bad. Overall a marvellous experience.

Buen camino!

Graeme Bennett
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I leave one week from today and am I excited!perhaps I will miss the quantity of pilgrims I was fortunate enough to have met along the Camino Frances when I walked it in October, November 2005, but I am sure the few I do meet along this Camino, two years and one month later, will more than make up for it! I still remain slightly concerned about the Gallegan cold in December though as I am more accustomed to the heat and three-season walking, but I suppose I'll just deal with it when (and if) it occurs. I have added one pair of Capilene long underwear, both top and bottom, to my standard gear, as well as a heavier fleece hooded pullover to make up for it.

I am already packed and it will weigh exactly 18.23 pounds (8.3 kg) with the addition-when I begin walking- of the weight of 2liters water and 1.25 pound of food/snacks. My mouth is already watering in anticipation of those delicious sandwiches I'll make for my lunches from the daily fresh baked Spanish bread, the delightful cheeses of the different areas I'll walk through, the finest chorizos known to man and the most delectable of all hams- the thinly sliced Spanish pata negra 'jamon serrano' , from the south of Spain. I can hardly wait!

But I am still concerned about the potential of cold weather in the mountains to the north of Zamora as both December-and winter- and I approach. I have learned to enjoy hiking "lightweight' so I seldom carry more than I absolutely need but I must become cautious as winter approaches
Please keep us posted on your progress!

I'm especially interested because I want to walk the VDLP this time next year, or perhaps one month earlier.
I'll be anxiously awaiting your report!

Buen Camino!
Anyone care to venture advice as to what to expect along the Camino Mozarabe from the end of October to mid December? It appears I should start out northward from Sevilla on the 24th of October. I did the Camino Frances in 2005 starting three weeks earlier and had mostly good weather, with a fair amount of rain, though, but I am used to it, I suppose.
John did you ever walk the VDLP in October? Would love to know your experience.
The Norte is a great walk, and if you pay attention you can get to Santiago with (almost ?) no walking on the Frances.
I am planning on re-starting the vdlp from Seville in March or early April next year. I started in May 2015 but it got ridiculously hot very quickly so only got to Caceres - early walking was manageable but the afternoon and nights in 40+ not fun, or safe.
It depends on whether they can find the keys and unlock the barb wire fence currently surrounding Australia.

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