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I'm always amazed that some people ask-often many months ahead 'what will the weather be like in such and such a month'. Frankly it's not a very intelligent question gievn global climate in the last 10 years. I've just finished the camino mozarabe and had every conceivable type of weather from 30+ degrees to rain,mud and temperatures in single figures with freezing cold winds-and this was in may-june. I walked the vdlp in may 2006 and had the opposite with only one brief showery afternoon. Last year I walked from le puy in late june-mid august and like this year had unseasonal weather-all the locals said it was not typical-which is eactly what the locals in spain said this year.
How do you expect someone to tell you what the weather will be like months ahead?-someone on this forum was asking about march next year! Well, here's an answer: It will be hot,windy,raining,snowy and cold.
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Travel Agents survive on estimated weather patterns! Although weather is unpredictable, every country, region, town has a weather pattern and history.
EG: If you want to visit Durban, come in April May or June when the weather is generally warm but not too hot, with cool mornings and evenings and very little rain. Durban in December to February has excessive heat and humidity and summer rainfall. Spring is unpredictable with extreme cold, some heat and strong winds.

For weather on the camino, go to Peter's website:

Weather on the Camino
There are many excellent weather sites on the web these days. Here are some links to Weather Online for towns on the Camino Francés. Gives current conditions and 5-day forecasts, plus satellite pictures and weather maps. Pamplona | Logroño | Burgos | León | Santiago
To help your planning, here are 30-year averages for the same towns plus Ponferrada, extracted from information from the Instituto Nacional de Meteorología. For full details, see their website. (For France, see below.) Note that these are for the main towns and do not reflect the variety of weather you will encounter on the Camino; see climatic zones below. You may select either a month for temperatures in all these towns in that month or a town for temperatures for all months in that town. France: 30-year averages by département are available on Météo France's website. For example, Bouches du Rhone (Arles), Haute-Loire (Le Puy), Yonne (Vézelay), Paris

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