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  1. efdoucette

    What happened to Forum member Alexwalker?

    Hey Alex, we've never met, but I really enjoy your input on the forum, your personality shows through. We are the same age and yes, I also faint and fall from time to time, it's rather bizarre how if happens. I wonder for myself now, the safety of travelling alone, but I seem to be my best...
  2. efdoucette

    My first Camino

    Have a great Camino. Booking ahead has some real advantages, as you say that detail is taken care of so you can take your time, absorb your surroundings, take it all in. Be kind, say hello to the locals, breath, walk with an open heart, take care of your feet, take pictures, look back to where...
  3. efdoucette

    Biarritzdon will retire

    Good luck Don, wish you well
  4. efdoucette

    First Time Peregrina

    And when you stop to take a picture looking forward, turn around, normally the scenery behind is just as impressive
  5. efdoucette

    Portuguese Camino

    Thank you, great info, regards
  6. efdoucette

    Portuguese Camino

    Thank you very much, great reply
  7. efdoucette

    Portuguese Camino

    Somewhat relevant question. Are there accommodations to support 15 to 20 km days between Tomar and Coimbra? We are an old (late 60s) group of 3 wishing to start in Tomar and my research (Gronze) doesn't come up with a lot of options. The first day would be 31.7 km, ouch, too much of a challenge...
  8. efdoucette

    Canadian : August 30/21 start from St.Jean Pied de Port =)

    You won't be solo for long, there will be other solo travelers looking for friendship. Enjoy every bit of your travels, it will be fine.
  9. efdoucette

    When was your first Camino?

    Solo, October 2011. No cell phones, internet cafes with slow computers with a 1 euro coin slot, Started as a hiker, ended as a pilgrim, Afterwards started a book collection on trails walked and future dreams, A life changer ...
  10. efdoucette

    Being "called" by The Way?

    And after my first Camino I realized what Bob Dylan meant by "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now".
  11. efdoucette

    Being "called" by The Way?

    Ahh the calling. Soon to come, the obsession, haha, and welcome to the life of the Camino. I like to suggest to the new found Caminoers that your Camino has started, the walking part just comes later. Enjoy every moment of your journey, from the prep, the training, the research, the travel and...
  12. efdoucette

    Via de la Plata

    There is an app called Silver Way Premium, get that, free, lighter than a guidebook and has maps with GPS.
  13. efdoucette

    Hola to everybody

    Hello Brandy, how did you like the Francigena? I walked from Sarsana to Rome in 2015, the towns were fabulous. Welcome to the forum. I also love the walks in Spain, and around the world actually. Happy trails
  14. efdoucette

    How many Camino's have you done ?

    Four so far, in Spain, Portugal, France & Italy. So, still need to do ... Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, England .........
  15. efdoucette

    Rail Europe Help

    If leaving from CDG you must search 2 links, one from CDG to Bayonne and the 2nd from Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port. For some reason the website won't find CDG to St Jean PdP, too many connections maybe. And you don't need much time to make connections in Bayonne.
  16. efdoucette

    camino from malaga!!

    Malaga is not a bad place to return to at any time :) Lessons learned from first effort are already in your backpack, have a great Camino.
  17. efdoucette

    New member from New Brunswick

    Yahoo, glad you found the forum 4isabell, it is great reference material and the participants are top notch, you will get lots of info, some even conflicting :wink: . I'm a Nova Scotian and have walked the Frances in Sept 2011 and the Portuguese route last year and looks like I will be in...
  18. efdoucette


    Bravo! Buen Camino
  19. efdoucette


    You are able to leave the trail and head home any time, nobody can stop you. There are buses all along the trail that can get you to an exit point and to your return flight, it just may cost you some for the change. But, have faith. I walked the Camino Frances 2 years ago, to be honest I found...

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