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  1. A

    Surprised at our test results poncho vs jacket

    So….. we had 1 inch of rain here at home in a 4 hour period. We found it and opportunity to test our packs/setup. We hiked 12 miles in pure downpour. We both wore shorts and no pack covers as mine is waterproof and his Osprey has a waterproof sack inside. My son wore a poncho and a longsleeve...
  2. HBS60

    How to choose a Camino Prep Fitness Program?

    I’ve been trying to decide on a fitness regime in preparation for the Camino, but upon reviewing this board, YouTube, etc, there’s an overwhelming array of suggestions and programs, but I’m less clear on how I can choose what may work best for me. About me: I’m 64, male, in reasonable good...
  3. C

    What exercises to do to strengthen lower back?

    I'm about a 6 weeks away from beginning the French Camino. Depending on how I feel when I get to St. Jean, I will either take a train back to Portugal, or continue on to Santiago. In the meantime, I have an question regarding what specific back-strengthening exercises any of you have engaged...
  4. elajenki

    Training with Weighted Vests

    I got some advice today for strengthening my back and upper body, by wearing a weighted vest. I’m planning on trying it out with a 12 pounder which would simulate my backpack. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used one. Regardless, I’m going to do it and will follow back with my...
  5. laurenligreci

    6 Month Training & Weight Loss Plan for an Overweight/Plus Size Pilgrim

    Good Afternoon from Snowy New York! I want to document / get advice on a training plan for my Camino. Today, 12/7/23 marks 6 months until My Walk commences on the ground, on or around June 7th 2024 so I figured 6 months out is a good time to figure out how to prepare. See my intro post here...
  6. Stephan the Painter

    Looking For a 5-7 Day Easy and Relatively Flat Camino

    I'm looking for a 5-7 day March 2024 easy Camino in Spain. The ideal route is walking on a soft flat trail working my way up from about 10 km a day to 20 km. It should not end in Santiago and shouldn't be too hilly. And not part of the Camino France. The mild weather in southern Spain in March...
  7. aliciag56

    Base training level-future Camino at least a year away?

    If you have no immediate plans for a Camino what do you aim for in terms of walking/training weekly? I let my hiking/walking slack off this summer - did a 4.5 mile hike this am and noticed it. I'm a 67 yo woman and I think my days of getting in shape quickly for when I do do another Camino in a...
  8. MainelyStina

    Advice needed: Am I getting enough hill training?

    Hey All! So, I'm 40 days out from the start of my very first CF from SJPP (though I leave in about 34 days). I was hoping for a little (kindly) input on my training routes. I have two preferred routes that I like to use. One is right at 10km, is about half dirt/rock trail, half pavement, and...
  9. J

    Training plan help - 10weeks from starting!

    Hello -Opps I’ve done it again…I have another small overuse injury. 🥲so am reaching out hoping someone has a training plan that they have used that they can share? A day by day plan that has the detail I think I must need to help me not push it? I used to run and be more active and I...
  10. curlylottie

    Weight Loss, Chronic Pain & Keeping Fit After Camino Frances

    Hola! I completed the Camino Frances last fall (Sept-Oct, from SJPP, carrying my backpack for 800km) and would love thoughts/advice from other older women (e.g. 60+) and men… Some background—I lost ~10-15 pounds in my training leading up to the walk and then another ~10-15 pounds on the walk. I...
  11. W

    Camino walk intensity -advice/opinions needed

    Hello, I will walk the Camino for the first time in September. Route - Senda Litoral. I am not too concerned about my physical condition, I exercise 4 times a week (strength workouts - gym), but I would like some advice. 1. How do you prepare for the trip, I mean for a couple of months to walk...
  12. TorontoGMan

    Super Paranoid....Can i REALLY Do This?

    Update: Have heard some amazing support and advice, and trying hard and to take it (listening to my bod) to heart! Quite honestly I am hoping I won't be in that group of injured, either physically or emotionally! 1. I CANNOT get the damn bag down in weight! Me, 193lbs and pretty fit bag, 30...
  13. Paula P

    I'm so discouraged!

    Today is the first time I've gotten blisters while training for our camino in July! I thought I had my shoe/sock combo all worked out. My feet have been fine on our 10-12 mile hikes so far (except for my plantar fasciitis but that is another story). Those hikes were all one day training though...
  14. TorontoGMan

    26 May 2023, San Sebastian to SJPP

    Anyone coming to SJPP via San Sebastian on the 26th? Share a train, or other transportation? Would like to get there early...I think the train gets there around 1030hrs, (if it's running these days?) and would love to make it with you!
  15. Trekker One

    Keeping Motivation for Pre-Camino Walking/Training.

    I'll be walking again this fall, so to keep up my motivation for the daily walks, I have used my phone to log my accumulated kilometers. I then compare where I would be assuming I left St. Jean. So with 471 kilometers logged so far this year, this puts me just west of Leon roughly around Trabajo...
  16. Brightmore

    Obtaining Anticoagulants from Spanish Pharmacies with a UK Prescription whilst on Camino

    Hey everyone, I will hopefully start my camino in late May and, as discussed in THIS post, will be doing so having recently suffered a DVT. This means I will be on anticoagulants, likely injectables, specifically enoxaparin sodium. I hope to walk from SJJP to Muxia, via Finisterre, so would...
  17. Brightmore

    Recent DVT, Camino Frances and reliable way to transport baggage/medication

    Hello everyone, I am disappointed to report I was recently diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg and it has thrown my planned camino in early June into total disaray. Whilst I know I have a genetic disposition to clotting, it seems my long hours sitting poorly during my office job is chief...
  18. P

    Training, heavy rain for 2 weeks

    Sorry if wrong place. I'm 4 weeks out from starting the camino. Starting to up the training kilometres. Weather forecast for next 2 weeks is heavy rain. Any tips for alternative training or is it a case of just suck it up and put on the rain gear and get out? Main concern is walking for 2...
  19. H

    Training Partner - Central Florida

    I would like to get a few longer day or even overnight hikes in prior to heading out to do the Camino Frances in May. I'm also thinking of doing a really short section (couple days worth) of the Appalachian Trail to work training elevation gains since there aren't a whole lot of hills in...
  20. kristenwalks

    Training for Camino?

    In May I’ll be doing my second Camino (Camino Portugues from Porto). My first was last April (Camino Frances). I walk a ton normally and didn’t do any training for my first Camino, but am curious any recommendations/to hear what everyone else does.

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