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  1. mspath

    Pleasures of urban walking

    In The Guardian, 17/10/2020, as cities across Europe are experiencing new waves of Covid-19 and consequential/additional lockdowns Matthew Beaumont suggests rediscovering the simple pleasures of urban walking...
  2. VintageElsa1967

    Discouraged in Florida

    I have been wanting to do the Frances Way. I have been walking and trying get myself used to walking long distances. I am mostly able to do about 8 miles in a day. It is boring and uneventful to just walk here. I have tried walking the beaches and it is better. Still I feel like maybe I should...
  3. Turga

    It feels good to walk

    I do most of my training walks in the city area. I could easily find nicer places to walk, there are pretty forests and quiet, open farmland not far outside the city, but that would require me to drive for around 45 minutes or so. I do that occasionally, but for some reason driving out to walk...
  4. Zordmot

    Preparing physically to walk the Camino

    I’d like to share how I’ve prepared for both Caminos and plan on repeating it for a third. It wasn’t intentional—I stumbled onto it but discovered that it was brilliant and thought that I would share it here. Oaxaca, Mexico. Famous on all the cooking and travel shows for great culture and...
  5. Briddie_DK

    Training for downhill-hiking

    Hi Everone, Two years ago I walked from SJPDP to Logrono, and after the first couple of days my knees were killing me. This April I return to CF and besides taking a few pounds of my bodyweight, I am searching for exercises to strengthen my knees before going. I live in Copenhagen which means...
  6. SabineP

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Thanks to everyone who contributed in the 2019 thread about all the lovely local walks. Let's continue in 2020.
  7. jgiesbrecht

    Motivation for Training

    Has anyone else really struggled with motivating themselves to get active before their walk? I work a driving job, and many days probably don't even hit 2 miles a day because of it. In September I did really good, walking 4 or 5 miles multiple times a week, but then the past 6 weeks I've just...
  8. jgiesbrecht

    Elevation Tracking

    I have been keeping an eye on different apps, seeing what I would like to use next spring when I walk the CF. I have a fitbit, so have used that app for a while. I have also checked out mapmywalk, and only slightly browsed polarsteps and walkmeter. With fb it's just flights of stairs....I'd...
  9. Rossco

    Walking after knee replacements

    In 2015 I walked from SJPDP to Santiago, in 2017 I walked from Lisbon to Finisterre and in April this year I started in Le Puy with the intention of finishing in Pamplona. I made it as far as Cahors where I had to abandon because of severe pain in both knees due to osteoarthritis. I was...
  10. G

    Staying fit after the Camino

    I have just finished walking the Camino Frances for the second time. Like last year when I had finished, I am now super fit. At least, my legs are so strong. I love being able to walk up steep hills effortlessly. However, last year, over time, I gradually lost that fitness and by the time I...
  11. Rossco

    Walking after knee replacement

    I have walked the Camino Frances in 2015, Camino Portugues from Lisbon to Finisterre in 2017 and in April started in Le Puy intending to finish in Pamplona but unfortunately had to abandon in Cahors to to osteoarthritis in both knees. A week ago I had partial knee replacement on my right knee...
  12. Frank Mestre

    Knee replacement!

    Hi I came back from completing the Camino Frances from SJPDP to Finistiere in June. Loved every moment. But I think it was the last straw for my left knee. Since I’ve had three cortisone injections, acupuncture but after X-ray it seems I have cartilage wear and all the muscle stenthening...
  13. Robo

    New Knees - User Experiences Please

    I am starting to realise that my knees might be totally screwed up. After three Caminos walking overweight. Arthritis and torn meniscus might cause ongoing troubles. My doctor warned that a knee replacement can be very painful. Anyone had one? What was your before and after experience?
  14. Briddie_DK

    How to train for downhill walking

    Hi, I took my first shot at CF in april. I started in SJPDP, and had 6 days for walking. After the first two days, my knees were killing me. To avoid this on my next Camino-experience I will bring hiking poles, and hopefully shred some kilos from my bodyweight. I would also like to do some...
  15. SherlyC

    Training for Camino - my worries

    Hi everyone, I love the community spirit of this forum! I’ve been thinking about doing the camino for many years and have always read postings on this forum... and finally i could make time this year to do the CF from SJPdP this month! I’m female in early 40’s from Switzerland. I’m pretty much...
  16. M

    Training for the Camino

    Hi, all! For a few months, I have been loosely considering walking the Camino some time in the future. I am actually training for a half marathon in early May right now, and it just occurred to me that shortly after the half marathon may be a good time to walk the Camino. I am normally a...
  17. peterhore

    Replacement knee joint

    I've suffered from a torn meniscus for many years and most recently arthritis in my left knee. It hasn't ever stopped me walking the Camino and last year when I volunteered at a hostel I walked there to get myself into the right frame of mind. I only have to be careful going downhill or over...
  18. Turga

    How much weight did you lose?

    How much weight did you lose on your Camino walk? I dropped close to 4 kilos (8 lbs.) and returned home close to my “ideal weight”. But I guess the last day’s diving into my homemade stew will change that rapidly :D
  19. C

    Physical training needed to cycle?

    Hi, A friend and I are hoping to cycle the Camino, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago, in October. Ideally we want to aim to do it in 12 days, while giving ourselves 2 extra days to rest/explore/catch up if needed (worst comes to worst, we have also another week in Spain after that but we want...
  20. D


    The Fitbit seems to be making the news in the Forum, mostly by being lost! I have lost three so far, and have had three others fail during the warranty period (and one outside the warranty), so I can sympathize on that issues. As a long time wearer, I have: 14,278,512 total steps 24,485 floors...