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Camino Autumn (just for a change) ;-)


My turn to ask a question ;-)

I've done all my 4 caminos in (August) September… and I am well aware of the weather this time… (it's my favorite time....)

However… since I might have my "summer" vacation late this year… perhaps end of October or beginning of November…

I do know less albergues will be open at this time… and I am already looking into the list of open Albergues…

I would like to hear from someone who have actually done the camino at this time of year…

What was the weather like… rain…? temp… ? Wind? ...(snow…? may be a bit to early…).

Plan is to walk from Astorga - Finistere… or spend a week as hospitalera in Triacastella (if things works out) and then walk to Santiago…

- I know Galicia have its moments of rain… sometimes heavy rain…
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.


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Annette - I walked from St Jean d PP in November last year - some days it was shorts and sunscreen. I stopped in Santo Domingo de la Calzada and when I went back in the first week of January it was rain, rain, rain :)


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Hi Annette! I am going on the Camino (Camino Frances) for the first time. I'm going at the end of August through September and I was wondering what kind of weather I should expect (rain?) or if you had any praticular advice from your experiences.
-Toni :)


Hi Toni,

Usually the weather in August and Septepber is nice... August can be quite hot... (up to 35-40ºC) september a little cooler... usually around 25ºC (and warmer). - However I experienced last year when walking that September can be quite cold as well so I needed to by a good longsleve when I arrived in Leon... temp. was down to 10ºC in the morning... and 2 days it only came up to 17ºC during the day...

Also you should know September is the rain season of Galicia... so you can expect rain...

Do bring some rain gear...

It is always difficult to predict the weather... I would hate to tell you to bring a thermal sweather in case it gets as cold as last year... - (the weather took me by surprise)... but do bring something longsleave... I usually carry one of these longsleve "skiing underwear" - it light, it is "warm" and it does not take up much space...

I hope that helps...


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Hi Annette
We've always walked in Autumn and the weather has been lovely (cold mornings, hot afternoons and cool evenings!). Broadly speaking places and venues seem quiet enough but we like it so.
Enjoy. :)
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.


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Hi Annette I have read some of your blogs and was returning to ask you about the weather in September and here you are asking about the weather for later in the year. I am coming from Australia to start on about 5th September from Roncenvales and really need some idea as to what sort of temp range my sleeping bag should be. I don't know if the hostels and such are heated in any way or how cold it gets at night and I want to carry as lighter load as possible. Thanks for al the other useful info


Hi Sheryl,

September is a great month to walk... it is still quite warm and not to much rain.
However - last september was the coldest I had walked... mornings and evenings. So bring a long sleve... perhaps one for walking and one for wearing at night... (they to end to smell at bit ;-) )

Heating is not an option in september, and it is not needed. If you are bringing a thin sleepingbag and you get cold one night, most albergues do have blankets you can use.

Temp during the day will usually be approx. 25-30ºC... it can be warmer... but also colder... It is so difficult to predict the weather. Apart from last september, september has always been a great month for me to do the Camino.

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