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Live - Camino Francés Leaving Triacastela: right or left?

Carly Rose

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Planned June/July 2018; Francés
Hello all,
I am sure I am asking a question answered many (many) times, however I think my camino brain is not searching properly.

In choosing a route after leaving Triacastela my intent is to avoid the largest amounts of concrete/asphalt etc. It basically wrecks my feet :)
Have any of you done both routes and can compare? Advise?
Thank you!!


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Left is longer through Samos. Both have about the same percentage of paved walk.


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Kumano Kodo March 2018
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I left via Samos. Totally worth doing.

(And when I chose that path in March it was in snow and sleet, then the next day warm sun going to Sarria and on to Barbadelo)


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CF Spring 2016
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I have walked both, and found both routes from Tricastela to Sarria to be beautiful with mostly natural pathways and about the same amount of natural versus paved. Visiting Samos is absolutely worth the time and extra few kilometers. The walk from Samos to Sarria is, as Anamiri said, magical!

Buen Camino,


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Camino Frances
In a village on the way to Samos a tiny lamb ran out of a shed and up to me, TOO CUTE! Followed by an anxious woman keen to get it back indoors.
It rained on us the whole into Samos, never stopped all day punctuated only by amazing lightning. Was still the prettiest most delightful walk.
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Have any of you done both routes and can compare? Advise?
Hi, the first time I went right because it was shorter.
Next time I went left (because I went right the previous time).
The next time I went left, because I wanted to visit Samos again.
Last time I went right (because the previous 2 times I went left).
If I am ever there again I would definitely go left – via SAMOS!


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Samos if it's a convenient place for a stopover ; but go the other way otherwise, as it's slightly shorter and, Samos excepted, equally picturesque.

Samos is always the better choice if you're walking in the other direction though.


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May 2019 Portuguese
You sound like me! In the end I had decided to go to Samos. But, I had stayed in a hotel and got up later than I was planning. I debated and I stood at the road trying to make a final choice and my gut said to go right toward San XIL (mostly due to the shorter distance). I listened to my gut and it was one of my best days of walking. The route is stunningly beautiful. I don't regret it and the next time I go, I'll get up earlier and walk to Samos. Whatever you do will be the right choice!

Camino Chris

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Dang! I've walked the Frances twice. First time I went right cuz it was shorter (and still lovely). Second time I wanted to go left, but was with newbie family members who were suffering by this time with shin splints, blisters and plantar fasciatis. They wanted to go right....grrr! Oh well, I'll just have to go back again one day and make sure I turn LEFT!!

Margaret Butterworth

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Just caught up with this thread. I agree that Samos is well worth visiting. However, nobody has mentioned the lack of toilet facilities of any kind on this route! I write this in view of another thread which relates the need to patronise cafes in order to use their loos. There are no cafes on the way to Samos. One village has even erected pictorial signs forbidding "going" in the wild!


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june 2015
Take a right, and go through San XiL and Montan. It is more than several KM shorter. you can stay on the road, if you don't want to climb the big hill after San Xii Nice donativo rest stop in Montan.

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