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Map of Camino Frances


New Member
Greetings. A few years back I saw a map of the Camino Frances route. It was long (2-3m) and narrow (1/2m?). I've inquired as to the dimensions of several popular Camino maps but have yet to find one similar; most are squarish. [ The owner of the original map said he thought he acquired it in Spain; I suppose there are worse reasons for walking another camino...]

Given the collective wisdom of this group, I thought I would ask if my description sounded familiar to anyone, and if so, if they had any pointers as to where I might acquire such a map.

Jim G
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"Ediciones Way" publishes pocket maps of the Camino. They fold into a 3 ½" by 3 ½" square and are chock-full of information: distances, altitudes, albergues (with their telephone numbers) and even bicycle shops. There is one that covers the Camino from St Jean to Burgos, and Somport to Burgos; another from Burgos to O Cebreiro and another from O Cebreiro to Santiago. The name of the map series is "El Camino Jacobeo en tu Bolsillo” (The Way of St. James in your Pocket); ISBN 84-930395-2-7 they are printed in Spanish, French, English and German. They cost about $2-3 and may be ordered from the publisher: Ediciones Way, S. L. c/ San Anselmo No. 1 2818 Madrid SpainI sent them E20 in an envelope and received all three maps in the post.
Hi Jim,

I have also seen these maps in the windows of bookstores in Santiago. So if you are planning a walk, you could pick one up once here... :)

Un saludo,
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I believe it is a high quality laminated map that rolls out of a tube. They are on sale at many bookshops. I think they are just over €10. I need to replace mine as I gave it to a French woman whose health had deteriorated so much that she had to give up her dream of walking the Camino.

I went to buy a replacement when I spent a weekend in Pamplona in November but they had sold out.

Still items like this can always be replaced, whereas ones health and life are more precious.

Buen camino
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I have a booklet, distributed by the Government of Navarre, which unfolds to about 1metre x 40cm. It is double-sided; bottom half of each side has a Camino strip map, with elevations; top half shows Camino accommodation in Navarre, tips for pilgrims, roadsigns and markers etc, all in three languages.

Called the 'Map of the Pilgrim's Way to Compostela' it was given to me by the Pamplona Tourist Information Centre in 2005, and is a collaborative effort with the Navarres Society of the Friends of St James. Unfortunately I don't know if it's still available or in print. But, if you're interested in this booklet, you could try emailing the tourist office: turismo@navarra.es
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Re: Camino Map

Thanks, all, for the helpful responses.

Ivar, what you say is very true, and perhaps the answer I want to hear the most, but my next walk may be a while, and, sadly, I find myself impatient. [ and demonstrating I do need the walk, again. ]

Rioja, truly your 'signature' strikes home with me, too, as I am a James, or perhaps only james, and I think I know your meaning.

Trudy - I'll inquire about the map that you mention. It sounds very interesting.

Sillydoll - despite your name, your answer isn't so silly. I like the images on the site you have linked to, and am examining them even now.

Thanks again,
Jim G

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