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Meseta in October?

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Steven Light

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CF (May - July 2018)
Meseta (October 2019)
Norte (Summer 2020)
Greetings! My wife and I walked the CF from SJPdP to Finesterre last summer except we rented bikes from Burgos to Leon. Now we want to go back and walk that part. What's the weather like in October on the Meseta? Alternatively, how hot might it get in August?
We're thinking of walking the Norte in the summer of 2020 but can't go that long without being on some part of a Camino!


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Frances (2015); Ch. d'Arles: Oloron Ste Marie to Aragones; Frances (2016); V.d.l.P.; Sanabres (2017)
I walked the meseta in October of 2015 and 2016. I remember the weather being clear and fresh, with very little rain. But maybe that was where I was, as much or more than where the weather was. And I prefer cool weather for walking. Buen camino to you.


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The Meseta is always beautiful. It can be cold or hot, wet or dry, windy or still. It is always largely solitary and allows for a good amount of contemplation, prayer and meditation.

While the terrain is flat to gently rolling, and there is not a lot out there, many folks including me, find it entrancing. There is a lot of commercial agriculture and the crops vary from month to month.

In October, the harvest should be over, so the fields will likely be brown and dormant, getting ready for winter. That, to me, looks like the setting for an impressionist painting. Others have addressed the weather so I will not.

In the winter, expect to see brown mud, snow covered fields, or possibly some grass crop grown as winter cover.

In the spring, there is an explosion of color as flowers and crops sprout from the earth. This is my favorite time to walk as I enjoy the colorful flowers, growing green fields, new animals, and the weather in general. Spring is a time for new birth, and it reaffirms my reasons for doing a Camino.

During the summer months, June to September, the Meseta can be VERY hot and dry. This happens to be the most popular time of the year. This is not because the Meseta necessarily has a lot to offer, but because that is the time of year when most pilgrims can take the time to walk a Camino, including the Meseta.

Hope this helps.
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Tim Floyd

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Camino(s) past & future
Frances 2017
TDMB 2016
Cotswold Way 2018
Early October 2017 was dry. Cool mornings. Warm afternoons but not too hot. Scenery was great in the morning with the light hitting the hills. Harvest was mostly over so the fields were stubble. We had no rain the entire time, but I was told that was unusual. My guess is weather could be almost anything. But I would not have missed it. Meseta was one of my favorite parts of the camino. I dont understand why some skip it. If pressed for time I recommend doing a couple of days.


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March 2017 Oct 2018 Camino ingles june 2019 cancelled Camino Portuguese Oct 2019
We walked in October it was hot

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