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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
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Planning Sarria to Santiago

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Hi, I am planning the camino from Sarria any idea how hard is the walk?
Welcome to the forum; I see that you are a new member. In my experience, the camino from Sarria is easy, but very busy. You might want to make reservations. There are lots of places to stay. If you practice taking long walks before you go, you will learn how far you are comfortable walking in a day and plan your walk around that. There is a lot of information about all aspects of the walk on this forum. Try using the search function in the top right of the screen to find a discussion of what you want to know. You can start by typing "camino from Sarria". Buen camino.

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Welcome again! This thread has now been tagged with "sarria to santiago." If you click on that tag at the top, under the name of the thread, you'll see many other threads about that portion of the Camino Frances.

Of course things have changed a lot on the Camino in the past year, but the walking will still be the same. I wouldn't say there is anything particularly arduous about the walk, as long as you take your time and don't try to keep up with the expectations of a guide book or other people. So, having some flexibility in the time is quite important.

Have fun browsing, and feel free to ask any specific questions here!


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Hi, I am planning the camino from Sarria any idea how hard is the walk?

Without knowing you, it's difficult to say if it will be hard or not.
For someone of 'average' health and fitness, it is not hard.
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Hi, I am planning the camino from Sarria any idea how hard is the walk?
Also don't forget to take into consideration the time of year you are planning to walk.
Make allowances for weather & seasonal factors affecting accommodation availability; peak season numbers walking (bed crush) or possible closures in winter months.
Happy planning!
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2015-2019 walked all or more than half of CF 7 times... CP recently cancelled by Covid 19!

El Camino,

Go on It will list all of-the various caminos under “Road” . Choose the Camino Frances (CF). Scroll Down to Sarria (stage29) to your beginning stage. It is listed as 22.2km which is a little over 12 miles.

You will see a map of that stage.
Underneath the map it says to “see profile stage”. If you click this box you will see the elevation changes.

Each town listed in green has accommodations and/or services available in that
Town. You can click into it to get a better idea of the specifics.

Each town listed in Green color can be clicked as well, resulting in a map with the way marked through the town and the location of the services itself.

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: We can not tell you “how hard the walk” is for YOU! We can give you information to help you decide how to make the stages manageable and enjoyable. You will get lots of responses, encouragement and specific information on this forum.

My answer is your level of self knowledge and acting accordingly is the key to knowing if your camino
will be hard. But-to assist you..
here are some questions to consider when planning:

How does your body react walking in hot weather verses cool, Or cold weather?

What time of year is best for your body to walk? Allergies, etc

Will You be able to handle an albergue with some loud snoring pilgrims?

How well can you tolerate sleep deprivation?

Can You sleep in an upper bunk bed, or require a lower bunk?

Do you require private rooms daily or periodically?

Do you have any special needs?

From Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (SdC) there will be some road walking and walking through towns on pavement. Will you be prepared to walk on asphalt or stone at times? It will not be all off-road.

How far can you realistically walk each day with some elevation change?
Each stage,as listed in Gronze or John Brierley’s book, runs from about 12 mile to 14 miles.

Can you do this continuously- walk these distance for five days to SdC?
Some pilgrims folks, for example, will split these stages doing 10-15km per day. and arrive in 8-9 days. Some take a rest day along the way. Others have done about 5-7km per day. Then there are those that do 30+ km per day. Some mixup long and short days, depending on various factors.

Can you carry your own pack? Do you need a transport pack service?
Correos offers a pack service from Sarria all year round.

These are some questions to consider. Your own self knowledge, preparation, and planning will be key to determining the degree of difficulty for you. Happy planning!
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Almost every service is available to you and places to sleep I. Every village. Train by walking and slowly expand your distances. Get some trail runners as you will not need boots unless you have some physical need. If you can’t or don’t want to carry your pack there are services to transport. If you have a big budget you can sleep in good hotels and eat good meals. It will be crowded with lots of people. Some just to party and some who have been walking for a month or more and everything in between. It is very commercial and anything you need you can get pretty easily. Like others have said read a lot here and decide the kind of walk you want to take. Many love this last section and some or maybe it is a few would avoid it like the plague when the Camino Frances is busy. The only thing I am sure of if you want a Camino for quiet contemplation you should probably pick a different Camino. But for many other wishes especially some security because of first time uncertainty than get to Sarria.

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