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Post Office in Santiago


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A friend has just completed the camino frances and has told me that the post office in Santiago only holds pilgrim's posted excess gear for two weeks now. She had posted things to herself at the start of her walk only to find the post office had posted them onto Australia by the time she got there. She had put her expected arrival time on the parcel, arrived earlier than that date, but still they had posted it off. So please remember - they will only hold your parcel for 2 weeks. I had planned to post things ahead, now will have to rethink my options. Cheers, Jane :)


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Ivar told us that the Post Office assistant suggested you put Santiago as the return address - they then don't have anywhere to post it back to! Maybe worth a try?


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Actually, the simplest and surest way is to post them to the Camino Travel Center and Ivar will hold them for you. You can check it out on Ivar's site.


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JohnnieWalker said:
Does anyone know how much the Post office charges? I see the Camino Travel Centre charges 20 euros per item for up to 60 days.
The post office does not charge anything for the storage. They will store it for 15 days. That is the official rule. But as Sil says, they told me that if you do not add a return address they have not way of returning it... It is a bit of a "Hack", but if it is nothing valuable, you might try that and hope they still have you box when you arrive.

We charge €20 per parcel for up to 60 days (if you would like to store it longer, get in touch with us). If you add your e-mail address to your box we will e-mail you once we have received the box to let you know that we have it. More on that here:
http://www.caminotravelcenter.com/en/lu ... ntiago.php



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I think with the huge crowds walking this year I wouldn't risk sending a parcel to the Correos for more than 15 days! Pilgrims have reported that they have arrived at the Correos in Santiago only to be told that their parcel was sent back.
The only other way to do it is to send stuff 'down the line'. Send your parcel to a town 10 - 14 days from your start. Collect it from there but re-post it to the next place, 10 - 14 days from there. Then to Santiago.
Doing it this way will ensure that your parcel is kept for you but it will be a hassle if the Post Offices are closed when you arrive in each town - and will probably cost you more than the 20 euro to have it kept at the Camino Travel Centre!


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Praise to St. James that after a few weeks of deprivation on the Camino, we can get back to our stuff. "How much is enough?" Well, just maybe the better question is "how little is enough."
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I sent a packet from Le Puy 15.08.09 and came to Santiago 20.10. They did not find my packet and it never showed up at my home adress that was written on it. I also sent a packet from France to my homeadress that never arrived. Next time I will use Ivar.


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From St Jean I sent a parcel (containing parts of a guide book, extra medicines and the odd article of clothing) to myself in Pamplona, then to Logrono, then Burgos, then Leon, then Sarria and finally Santiago. It was there waiting for me each time and I thought was reasonably priced each time. The parcel weighed about 1.5kg. I would highly recommend doing this - especially to the bigger places where you know you will be stopping a little longer to see the sights. I remember in Sarria walking through the dark to get to the post office one morning just as they opened. I would open my parcel in the post office, take out what I needed to the next post office destination, put into it anything I wasn't using (ie long johns once out of the moutains) and repost it there and then. It wasn't any hassle compared to not having to carry the extra weight. Just learn how to say "I would lilke to collect a parcel", "I would like to send a parcel" and "where is the post office?" :)

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