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Shuttle between T1 and T4 Madrid (in a hurry)

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We arrive in Madrid on 21 August from Philadelphia direct so will have to clear customs in Madrid.

We arrive at 8:24 am (hopefully).
We need to clear customs and catch the 09:15 bus to San Sebastian.

Later buses and trains arrive much later in SS...so we really want to catch the 9:15 if possible.

It is not clear how to get to the shuttle (T1 to T4) from the customs area.
Anyone have a simple route?

I did buy the tickets on line and have them in hand..so that may help.

Rebekah Scott

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go out the gate from customs, go upstairs to the bus curb, and go right. You will see the signs overhead for the T4 shuttle.
A whole lot of international flights come in right about then... I don't want to be negative, but I don't think you'll make the 9:15.


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Grayland, if you make it, it will be one for the record books. The shuttles run very frequently, but as you probably know, T4 is quite a distance from T1. I first realized that when I saw that the metro stops at T1,2,3, then next at the town of Barajas, then next at T4.

Good luck.


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I flew in to Madrid end of July and had to take the shuttle from T1 to T4. It took about 10 min to get to passport control after getting off the plane. 30 min to get through passport control - massive line-ups. Another 5 min to the shuttle bus. Waited about 10 minutes for the bus and then another 20 - 30 min drive to T4. It stops at T2 & 3 along the way. If you have to wait for luggage - more time factored. So...catching the 9:15 may be a bit tricky.
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I don't really want to vote in the negative but I'd go as far as to say it's impossible! Add to that the fact that you're in Spain and that slows it down even more.


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Actually....I came up with the same solution that you all have...as soon as I started the thread.

I also discovered that the flight arrives at T 4s and requires a real fire drill to use a people mover to immigration and customs.
I did cancel the bus tickets as there is no refund or use on later bus if you just don't turn up in time.

I have flown into Madrid many times but never with such a short schedule. I always connected with another flight or the train.
Most of my earlier flights were not direct and immigration was cleared in Frankfurt or Lisbon before arriving in Madrid.

Thanks for all the quick replies to my stupid question. ;)


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I agree with Rebekah. Your flight arrives, it usually takes awhile to get out, then the line for customs is long, then the rush is on to get out the door. Miracles happen but don't get so locked into your schedule that you start off the experience totally stressed.

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