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Staying at Valenca AND Tui?

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John P.

Would anyone know if one could stay at the refuge in Valenca one night and then Tui the next for the equivalent of a rest day? Would the the Tui refuge have a problem with that?

Just curious :?:

John P.


I don't recall there being an albergue at Tui, as far as two years ago. Best, xm 8)


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Albergue at Tui

Check the Mundicamino website: Camino Portugués >> Etapa 1: Tui - Redondela >> Albergues


Albergue de Peregrinos


Ah, great, there's an albergue for peregrinos at Tui. I was last there 2 years ago and there was none. Seems that the C Portugues is being helped out. Thanks for the info, Sil. xm 8)


Am getting really bad..."in a massive strop...spouting a load of old tosh! (am not totally sure what these last Brit terms mean but can imagine)...Sorry! Not thinking straight," as a distinguised forum pilgrim recently stated. Of course there's an albergue at Tui, right down the street, by the cathedral. It's a very good one, like the ones that I've known in Galicia. Four Decembers ago I flew to Santiago where a friend met me and we drove down to Tui, to start the Spanish portion of the Camino Portugues, from there. The albergue was closed. But there was a note posted on the door saying to contact Proteccion Civil to obtain the key, which we promptly did. After approx an hour's wait, one of us happened to push the door and marabili!, it opened. Shortly afterwards a woman came with the key that we no longer needed. The enormous, cavern-like, albergue, was empty and cold, there was no heating system. The electricity was off, we had to depend on our flashlights, and the water was ice cold; the coldest shower I have ever taken was then/there. Brrr... We went out to eat (excellent restaurants in Tui) and then afterwards returned to the albergue, where we had a nice conversation along with some queimada. Eventually we went to sleep, both in diff dorms all to ourselves. One may think that we had it made, a whole albergue for two people...The truth is that there's nothing eerier than being alone or with another person in an albergue, particularly a big, freezing, one, in a cold December night. Early in the am I heard an awfully loud and terrifying scream coming from where my buddy was sleeping. I was in a semi-conscious state and did not fully react to it, but at some level I did hear it. The following morning when we woke up it turned out that my friend had a nightmare, and that it was him that had made that frightful scream. He got on my case bec I didn't go over to see what happened, that someone could have come over and killed him...I told him that if that would have been the case there would have been nothing I could have done about it, I mean, I was just a pilgrim. Besides, it would have been too late, I was too tired, didn't want the murderer(s) to know there was someone else in there, and that it could have waited til the am. This all in jest, of course. We cracked up. It's been years since that memory, yet we still talk about that awfully eerie night at the albergue in Tui. Buen Camino, xm 8)

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