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Ultreia Song

Rebekah Scott

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The online hospitalero training course is well on its way, and maybe you can help!

We are getting together resources for hospitaleros to use in albergues, and we´re looking now for a sound (.wav) file of the popular pilgrim hymn "Ultreia" to use on the online teaching platform. It doesn´t need to be a masterpiece. We just need the tune, really.

Anyone have anything that is free to use? You will be appropriately credited.



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Maybe someone could record (or already has a recording) a hospitalero singing it?
I think Jose Luis, Tosantos, sings it regularly for his pilgrim guests.



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I found a few versions on YouTube that people have recorded on their travels. I know this wasn't quite what you were asking for Rebekah, but maybe someone might be interested. None of these versions have the whole tune, and I know Youtube videos don't always stay online, but for what it's worth here is what I found:
1) The clearest version is by a French man singing at Manjarin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ial4VWwZk_A

2) Sung by pilgrims in the foyerat Carrion de los Condes with the wonderful nuns there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWDCIRsdqfs

3)Recorded in Ostabat. The pilgrims are being taught the song here, so there are repetitions of words on the verse that would be confusing to learn from.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhW5orZIe4w

4) Some pilgrims singing part of it in Castrojeriz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH33SI2iE94

I know that before I walked on my Camino I listened to a clear, full version on YouTube, but can't find it at present.

Bridget and Peter

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If you want to offer the music for Ultreya, Falcon269 provided a link to it on Aug 19 2008 under Re: Blog with photos.

I don't know how to make a link back to it, sorry



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Johnnie, You pay my airfare and I'll come and be the alto part of the duet :lol:


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What a co-incidence. I have just been pracitcing this song (to try and get the french pronounciation correct) so that I can sing it later this morning. I am giving a 1 hr speech / lecture on the Camino to a Seniors Education Association group in a couple of hours and I usually put in a couple of songs as part of my presentaion. Cheers, Janet


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The English version does not "Scan" as well but here it is:

Every morning we take to the Way
Every morning we go further.
Day after day the Way calls us.
It is the voice of Compestela.

Further, Further and Higher
God help us!

The Way of Earth and the Way of faith.
Millenium Route of Europe
The Milky Way of Charles the Great
It is the Route of the Pilgrims to Santiago

Further, Further and Higher
God help us!

And all down there at the end of the continent,
Our Saint James waits for us,
Since forever with his smile fixed
The sun that dies in Finisterre.

Further, Further and Higher
God help us!

Perhaps a better translater could make set a rhythm you could sing to. I prefer singing it in the original version as you get four languages involved and that is so much like the Camino.



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