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What do you do with your pack after you've arrived?


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Hi all,
I've been training for my camino by walking to and from work every day, which is 6 miles each way, and even with this short distance all I want to do when I get to where I'm going is put my pack down and leave it down. Because of this, I've started wondering what the general practice is when exploring the town/city, after checking in to an albergue and probably cleaning up a bit.
Is it safe to leave the pack in the albergue (while taking things like money/passport/camera with me), or do I have to lug it around some more? While my first thought is "hey - we'll all be pilgrims - it should be safe to leave it", I am also not quite that naive as to the ways of the world in general.

What have you pilgrims of the past done??

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Yes, everyone leaves the pack in the albergue. After all, by that time, there is not much in it - you will have washed your day's walking clothes, put on the spare set, eaten most of the food you had with you that day, kept your valuables on you and probably your sleeping bag is placed on your bed. Not much to steal by then! Not very often, but sometimes, there are lockers.Anne
When you arrive at an albergue, are registered by the hospitalera and you find a bed, you put your backpack on the floor - not on the bed - and unroll your sleeping bag on the bed to mark it as yours. Your backpack will be put on the ground, on grass, mud, mossy stones etc and should not be put on the bed at any time. Nobody will want to steal your backpack! Its bad enough carrying their own day after day.
I carry a little folding fabric ONYA BACK backpack - made by an Austrailian.
It folds down into a little fist size bag when not in use and is useful to put your jacket, bottle of water etc into when you go sightseeing or shopping.


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Hi Sara!

It's an astute question, and I remember wondering about it on my first camino. ("Really?? You just leave it sitting there???")

I agree with the good advice from Anne and Sil - however if your pack is stolen, which happens from time to time no matter how careful you are, you have your valuables on you, and you know the other stuff can be replaced.

I think it's helpful to adopt a philosophical attitude to theft and other untoward eventualities in advance just so if any of these things happen, they don't cast a pall over your camino.

Happy planning and training!

Thanks for the quick replies! :D
I'm so glad to hear that everyone leaves their packs behind!! Not only because it means not carrying it more than absolutely necessary, but also because of the volumes it speaks to the general atmosphere and sense of community. This ability to trust those around me makes me even more excited about this journey - something I wasn't sure was even possible! :)
And yes - while I'd be a little upset at the fact that the months of saving to be able to buy the supplies necessary would be for naught should my pack be stolen, so long as I still have my identification I know I'm set for whatever comes my way. I would like to come home with all the supplies I took with me (as I'm really focusing on not taking more than absolute essentials), but if a curve ball is thrown my way, so be it. I could probably afford to be less materially reliant anyway.

Thanks again.

PS - I hope I get a chance to meet some of you this summer! Anyone going during the peak times (June 29-July 25)??
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