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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. Sandra S

    LIVE from the Camino Day 1- feeling really rattled/unsafe- help?

    Hi all! I started my Camino at SJPDP this morning, and the first half of the day was amazing. I was the only one who took the route to Valcarlos, and loved the morning fog, vistas, and solitude. I had some really incredible moments and felt so profoundly grateful to be having this experience...
  2. Frank66

    Stay in Orrison Refugio or not . . . ?

    Hi everyone, I guess this question has never been asked before!!! ;). I start from St Jean on 4th May next year (181 days to go!), and still can't make my mind up whether to stay over in Orrison on that night or not. I have heard the argument about taking it really easy for the first few...
  3. Scorpiogirl

    What to expect from the weather crossing Pyrenees in October

    Hi everybody I will be starting my 2nd Camino from SJPP on October 8th, as I cannot get it from my mind since I left last year :) ...what should I expect from the weather this time of year when crossing the mountains? Last year I started in Pamplona in June and ended in Finisterre in July, so...
  4. ClareMcT

    Albergue Roncesvalles

    Hello all, looking for some help please! Does anyone know if the albergue at Roncesvalles takes advanced bookings? I've contacted them but not heard back yet. I need to travel from Bayonne to SJDPDP next Saturday morning and should arrive there around 9-9.30am (all going well with train/bus). I...
  5. Samantha Hussey

    NEW Pilgrim Travelling from Pau to SJPP?

    Hi All! Just two weeks until I start my camino. I am travelling from Paris to Pau and I am wondering if anyone else has done a similiar route? I see that most people go through Biarritz but the flight was too expensive so I am flying to Pau instead. There is a train that leave at 9.30 in the...
  6. Coleen Clark

    Orrison is not responding! Help!

    Perhaps you can help me. I have been trying for three weeks now to contact Orrinson for my first night's stay, a critical one for me since I am not as physically fit as I should be and I am worried about my ability to walk the Camino. I have sent 5 e-mails, with no replys at all. I call the two...
  7. Mikel Olivares

    Close route Napoleon

    El tramo más duro del inicio de la ruta jacobea se cerrará en invierno Los peregrinos deberán tomar obligatoriamente la ruta de Valcarlos y no la de Bentarte-Lepoeder La decisión se toma para garantizar la seguridad de los peregrinos y de los equipos que intervienen en rescates Hardest...

    Starting on April 9th from SJPP

    I'll start my Camino on April 9th from SJPP, hopefully via Napoleon way. Stop over at Orisson for the night Regards and buen camino PS I'll arrive at PNA airport at 10AM, if someone willing to share a cab, I'm in !
  9. (film) Pyrenees before roncesvalles

    (film) Pyrenees before roncesvalles

    Camino Frances Pyrenees before roncesvalles
  10. Crossing the Pyrenees in 3 minutes

    Crossing the Pyrenees in 3 minutes

    Route details below! This timelapse (hyperlapse) follows a path trodden by countless generations of pilgrims over the most northerly point of the Pyrenees mo...
  11. F.Ashley

    Crossing the Pyrenees hyperlapse

    Hello past, present and future pilgrims! I shot this hyperlapse of the Pyrenees section of the walk back on my Camino in 2012. Hopefully it quells a few nerves for some and brings back a flood of memories for others ! :-)
  12. The View from Orisson.

    The View from Orisson.

    At the Alburgue of Orisson, above St. Jean Pied de Port. This is the first day of the Camino Frances. Picture taken late April of 2013.
  13. DurhamParish

    Roncesvalles, whether or not to stay

    I will be beginning the Camino Frances on May the first. I will spend my first night in Orrison (I have a reservation). I had planned to stay in Roncesvalles on the next night. From my Brierley guide, I see that the distance from Orrison to Roncesvalles is about 17 K. My question is, would I...
  14. godslamb

    When to book Orisson??

    I have searched this forum and was unable to find an answer..... How are in advance do I need to book at Orrison? My friend and I will be starting our Camino at the end of May. Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Geralbc

    SJPP to Roncesvalles in March, Orisson is still closed, other mid point rest stop?

    I'm starting my camino late march, ans was looking forward to stoping at Orisson, but i was just informed that it wont open until march 31. I want to be in Leon for holy Thursday, so I cant start that late... (And i dont want to take buses along the way) Its been a while since i've done any...
  16. T

    Crossing the Pyrenees

    My daughter and I will be hiking the camino in mid september 2014. Is crossing the pyrenees at that time of year favourable. This is our first camino!
  17. M

    How late is too late to leave SJPP and still make it Roncesvalles?

    I will be arriving in SJPP on the 7:45 train from Bayonne. It arrives at 9:04. Do I have time to get my credentials and then make it at a decent pace to Roncesvalles? Sunset is at 8:15. What is the latest one should leave SJPP? I have no idea how long the process is at the pilgrim's office. I...
  18. JP

    Walking the Pyrenees, Route Napoleon in April

    Thinking of starting my walk on the 20th of April 2014, will the route over the Pyrenees be open on that date or will it still be closed because of possible snow or bad Weather. I would like to follow the original route as closely as possible naturally.
  19. contraprincess

    Altitude Issues in Pyrenees?

    As I have posted in other threads, I had a brain tumor back in 2009. I suffer from some altitude issues and has anyone been through the Pyrenees that have dealt with this in the past? -DMC
  20. sillydoll

    Route Napoleon Closed

    L'Esprit du Chemin Facebook - about an hour ago Route Napoleon (red/rouge/rojo/rot/rood) - the weather has changed, the route is closed - le temps a changé, la route est fermée - el tiempo ha cambiado, la ruta está cerrada - das Wetter hat sich verändert, die Route ist zu - het weer is...