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Storage of backpacks


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My partner and I are doing the trek around the 15th of March. We're doing the French route from St Pied du Pont.

We're backpacking around Europe at the moment, and so we've got some pretty hefty backpacks (around 20kgs per person). I was wondering if there was a luggage storage option perhaps in Madrid or Barcelona (or even Santiago).

I've read about forwarding our stuff to the post office, but they'll be quite heavy. I've also read about certain companies that offer luggage transport + accomodation, but we aren't really keen on the whole package deal. We just want to store our luggage before the trek, and then pick it up after.

We'd also like to get it sorted ASAP so we dont' have to go searching in Madrid.

Any ideas?
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It is really easy to post stuff ahead to Santiago or other towns along the camino France and you are allowed up to 20kg. If you feel that you might have more than that, just ask for two boxes.

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If you are starting in St Jean Pied de Port and walking to Santiago you will be hiking for at least a month and I'm not sure what the costs would be of keeping your excess stuff for that long.


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Usually each train station or airport has a "consigna" were you can leave your luggage. Not sure if there is a maximum in number of days...

I looked up the train stations in Madrid and found the following opening hours for the luggage storage service (consigna):

Madrid South:
ESTACIÓN MADRID-ATOCHA (Calle Glorieta Carlos V s/n)
Horario Consigna: 6.30 a 22.20 h.

Madrid North:
ESTACIÓN DE CHAMARTÍN (C/ Agustín de Foxa, s/n)
Horario Consigna: De 7 a 23 h.

I am assuming that the train station in Barcelona has something similar. The station i Santiago did not have it, but someone told me that there is such a thing there now.... but I can't confirm that.

I hope this helps a bit.... :)
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Regarding forwarding items to the Santiago post it safe?

I've read a bit about it, and am just concerned as those backpacks will essentially be everything we own (clothes, sleepingbags, small electronics). The big ticket stuff (camera + mp3, etc) we'll probably be taking with us.

So could we purchase a plain old cardboard box, pack it with all our stuff and send it to Santiago post office with our names on it and pick it up later?



you can purchase boxes at the post office, they have different "official" size boxes for sale.

do you have a hotel booked in santiago? i'm not sure if the refugios would hold mail for you, but hotels do. the post office in even marked our items indicating we were pilgrims. be sure to also write on the slip your expected date of arrival in santiago.

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Posting Items to Santiago or storage at Pamplona

In 2004 I met a couple who have posted their warm clothes from Leon to Santiago as they started in the middle of April. They met someone else at the post office who was walking the Camino at the same time. So, forwarding a parcel to Santiago should ok. I would trust the post office to check the personal details before handing out a parcel. In 2000 I met a couple from New Zealand who were travelling around Europe and they walked for 5 days form Roncevalles to Logrono. There was some storage at the Bus station in Pamplona available, however I did not find it a very secure place. A Spanish lady and myself were able to leave our bags there while we explored the town before the bus left in the evening.


it's rediculously cheap, I was doing exactly the same thing, posted my 20 kilo backpack from Pamplona to Santiago for about 11 euros

I'm guessing it's subsidized by the government, it almost just too good to be true, to the point where I was somewhat suprised to find my backpack waiting for me when I arrived


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great! Also, I saw somewhere you can only post from Spain. I will be in France prior to when I start walking, and will start in St. Jean. Is it possible to post stuff ahead to Santiago in this same fashion from St. Jean?

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