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route variant/side-trip

  1. Vacajoe

    Route from Norte to Loyola

    Seeing if anyone has a recommended route from the Camino Norte to Loyola? I’m thinking from Deba or Zarautz, but open to your wisdom. Walking late September 2021
  2. Walden

    Samos option?

    Is there still an option to stay in Samos? I missed it years ago and would like to take that option if still possible. Any information welcome and appreciated.
  3. Dave

    Norte Variants After the Coast

    For years, the coastal chunk of the Camino del Norte had the market cornered on alternative routes. Just see that long-running thread initiated and continually cultivated by Laurie above! The majority of this was driven by people branching off from the “official” route to get off-road or closer...
  4. lt56ny

    Variant leaving A Gudina

    i will be walking the VDLP later this year. I should arrive in A Gudina about November 20th. I was looking at Gronze and trying to determine the differences between walking on the main route through Laza or walking the Variant. It is about 25k longer on the Variant. It seems like there is about...
  5. J

    O Cebreiro

    Does anyone have experience of what the warning below means in practice.? Desde el 12 julio de 2021, y durante un año previsiblemente, la Guardia Civil prohíbe el paso de peregrinos (a pie o en bici) por la antigua N-VI entre Las Herrerías y O Cebreiro: por lo tanto debemos subir por el camino...
  6. nycwalking

    Valley of Silence

    Hello everyone. I have been to The Valley of Silence via auto from Ponferrada. How do I amble there from Frances then rejoin the Frances once I leave? Years ago there was a summer only albergue. Does anyone know if it’s still up and running? Lastly, how safe is this way for a single woman?
  7. P

    Monasterio de San Miguel de Xagoaza: Is it worth a visit?

    I have seen several references to the albergue in Xagoaza, but my searches on the forum for mentions of the Monasterio de San Miguel de Xagoaza have yielded nothing. For those of you who have been there, would you recommend a visit? The 360 degree photos on Monasterio de San Miguel de Xagoaza...
  8. L

    Porto to Fatima daytrip?

    Random question: I'm hoping to walk the Camino Portugues in September. I'll be flying into Porto, so I'm thinking of adding a week in Porto after my Camino. Would it be possible to do a daytrip from Porto to Fatima in that week? I found a few organised trips but they're pretty darn expensive. Is...
  9. VNwalking

    Santo Tomas de las Ollas

    Our virtual Olvidado thread has been talking about this remarkable tenth C church, and how to get there. But it turns out it is a mere 1.4km from the Albergue San Nicolas de Flue in Ponferrada, well within the range of an average peregrino as a side trip...
  10. Owensr23

    Primitivo - alternate route instead of joining Frances?

    I found some older information on the forum, but I am looking at September or October this year to walk the Primitivo from Oviedo. I have previously walked the Frances from Leon and the Portugues from Porto. I would like to enter Santiago on a new route.
  11. Peregrinopaul

    Al-ma'din: the quicksilver mine.

    It’s 50km north of Alcaracejos - but Almaden is well worth the inconvenience of a detour from the Camino Mozarabe. My wife and I visited Almaden in 2018 on our way from Merida to Cordoba. A spectacular mercury ore body has attracted serious mining operations since antiquity, and it is...
  12. Friend from Barquinha

    Travelling through Portugal summer 2021--to/from caminho walks

    For those travelling around Portugal one route or another, either en route to the start of your caminho, or returning home afterwards...good deals on the Portuguese railway system:
  13. L

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652: Frescoes. Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols)

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652 : Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols), France. Frescoes Then and Now, a pictorial comparison. A resource by Lovingkindness In1865 L’abbé Gerbeau discovered medieval frescoes in a side chapel of Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl. Further discoveries were made by a...
  14. trecile

    Is this bridge anywhere near any Camino routes in Portugal?

    Would you go out of your way to walk across this bridge? Or run for the hills?! It's the world's longest suspension pedestrian bridge - over 1/2 km long.
  15. C

    Chartres or Orleans

    Looking at the GR655 map I see it splits after Paris and joins together at Tours. Has anyone done both the Chartres and Orleans variation and recommends one or the other ? More pleasant walking / scenery is my preference. Or if you have done either and loved it, that is good too.
  16. L

    Le Lot et Garonne: Église St-Jean-de-Balerme, a detour (var. Voie de Vézelay/ Gr 654-East)

    Église St-Jean-de-Balerme (near Montpezat d'Agenais) is a rather beautiful romanesque church dating from 11th to 15th centuries. Pilgrims sometimes passed by there, long ago, wishing to avoid the twists and turns in the hills above Le Lot (today's GR 654-East: Castelmoron - Clairac - Aiguillon)...

    Alternate Route to Uterga ?

    I'm three for three regarding black toes on my right foot and during our last camino, and I earned a black toe on my left foot (so four black toes during three caminos). I'm pretty sure these were developed either during the first day with the descents into Roncesvalles or three days later...
  18. islandwalker

    Local walking trails near the Mozárabe in the province of Córdoba

    El Día de Córdoba recently published an article that may be of interest to people planning to walk the Camino Mozárabe. Vídeo-presentación de Paisajes con Historia The provincial...
  19. diegoromerosm

    Camino Francés through Aragón

    Just a little reminder about the Camino Aragonés (or French through Aragón) with one of main ancient Christendom hospitals: Santa Cristina. Amazing alternative to the most crowded one. ultreia!
  20. Sparrow in Texas

    From the Aragones to the Alto de Perdon

    Greetings all, with many happy and encouraging wishes during this season!! I have two questions and hope that someone will have some ideas. Thank you for any responses! I hope to walk the Aragones again sometime, perhaps even this coming year. Rather than connecting to the Frances near...