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route variant/side-trip

  1. MichaelC

    Alternate routes: Lucca to Altopascio to S Miniato

    I've seen references to alternate routes on the Lucca to Altopascio segment, but there's not a lot of concrete information. I'll link to the information I've found online, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has actually walked it. The official route is along busy roads through suburbs and...
  2. M

    Frances through Mazarife

    Hi everyone, I wonder if someone can help me. I will leave Leon tomorrow to walk the alternative route through Villar de Mazarife. I’m using the fantastic camino ninja app but it doesn’t seem to offer the route variants. Any ideas as to how I can find the map for this section? I have walking...
  3. laineylainey

    Path from Peñaflor

    Can anyone give me an idea of an alternative path avoiding the wind turbines and cutting a couple of km after leaving Peñaflor on the way to Medina de Rioseco?. I read on one of the Madrid thread about it but can't remember if it is signposted or there is a way to recognise it?
  4. Travelingal

    Scenic or traditional route

    I am in Leon and walking to hospital de obrigo tomorrow. Has anyone done the scenic route? Is the 7 km extra worth doing?
  5. alwalker

    Monastery / albergue of San Pedro de Montes.

    This is near Ponferrada but well off the main caminos. Does anyone know if it is linked to the camino by walking trails?
  6. B

    The River Route into Burgos

    If you have walked the river route into Burgos, can you tell me if it is well-signposted/waymarked? Is it signposted/waymarked at all? Thanks.
  7. Albertagirl

    Information for Oviedo visit, on interesting churches and architecture nearby

    I shall be walking the Salvador later in the fall and have vague memories that there are interesting churches and other ancient architecture near Oviedo. If anyone could refer me to threads which discuss this I would be grateful, as I have had no success myself in finding anything, I shall have...
  8. Abigail Kelly

    Side trips and thoughts of campgrounds in Hondaribia and San Sebastian

    Hi just a quick few questions and your thoughts, please :-) Has anyone done an overnight trip to either Mundaka from Guernica and Lekeitio from Deba? I will have a bit of extra time so would like to stop and smell the roses along the way:-) I think there is a campsite in Lekeitio as it's quite...
  9. C

    Detour during last 100km & comp.

    If I were to detour and walk from melide to sabrado to visit the monestary and then walk back to melide to continue along the Frances, would that jeopardize qualifying for the compestetla?
  10. P

    O Cebreiro - Linares alternative route

    I'm in O Cebreiro at the moment and see that the Xunta Galicia sign on exiting the village gives two routes to Linares: a recommended route along the road or what looks like an alternative "higher" route. Has anyone more information about which is better and why?
  11. Karen Schoenfelder

    Cies Islands from Vigo or Baiona in 1 day?

    We are interested in taking 1 day while walking from Porto to SdC to take a 1 day side trip to the Cies Islands. It looks like you can go from Baiona or Vigo. For anyone that has done it--where did you leave from? Can you take a boat in the morning and return the same day? We don't want to spend...
  12. N

    Francés variant after Sarria

    Probably this has been mentioned in a million places elsewhere and is old news but... ...the following is both a cautionary tale and a possible bonus for some... ALTERNATIVE WELL MARKED ROUTE OUT OF SARRIA Earlier today having walked early from Samos to Sarria, stopped in Sarria for a well...
  13. LuisaR

    Question about Roman road route from Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mulas

    Hi All, I’m staying in Calzadilla de los Hermanillos tonight, and have decided to take the long stretch of Roman Road to Mansilla de las Mulas tomorrow. I’ll be well stocked up on water, sun cream and snacks! My question is: do I pass through Reliegos on this Roman road route or will it be...
  14. LauraL

    Is this the CF best kept secret? (Alternative route after Villatuerta or Estella)

    The other day I posted about my good experience at a new albergue in Villatuerta, and said I would talk more about an advantage of staying at Villatuerta (as opposed to Estella) on a separate thread. Here it is: At the albergue, I found out about an alternative route that goes via the Zaraputz...
  15. B

    Recommendation for Starting Point

    Hello! My wife and I walked the CF two years ago and now wish to do the Camino del Norte starting May 1 of next year. I understand that the official starting point for CDN is Irún, but there seem to be three other options: one from Bayonne, one from Biarritz and the other from SJPDP. Has...
  16. handler

    Bus from Burgos to Santo Domingo de Silos 2022

    On my trip, after arriving in Burgos, I would like to take the bus to the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos. Rome2Rio says that the bus from Burgos doesn't go there at all. It goes only to Hortigüela, and then we can take a taxi to the mentioned monastery. Does anyone know if there is a...
  17. P

    Camino Verde 2022

    I am currently on the Camino Primitivo and will be in Lugo on Tuesday. The Camino Verde sounds great but I am put off by reports of snarling/biting dogs since I will be walking alone. Just wondering if anyone has walked the CV this year and if so what was the dog situation? TIA for taking the...
  18. Kev&Kath

    VdlP from Cadiz

    I've read just about all previous commentary with regard to starting the VdlP from Cadiz. Unfortunately, most comments are now starting to show 'their' age, and I was wondering if anyone in the Forum had completed the Cadiz to Santiago route in more recent times. Obviously, interested in the...
  19. Globalroaming074

    Camino Del Norte Paying It Forward - Save 8km between Vilalba and Sobrado

    Hi Guys I’ve just finished my first Camino on El Norte, 5 weeks and 830km from Irún to SDC - it’s definitely been one of the most unexpectedly amazing experiences of my life. Towards the end, when my feet were really beginning to hurt, a guy I’d walked with and who had since gone ahead of me by...
  20. J

    Variante de Montejurra

    Hello we are walking SJPDP to Burgos end of August this year and I was looking at walking the Variante de Montejurra and staying at Loquin instead of via Villamayor de Monjardin. I was wondering if anyone has walked this way, any suggestions are very welcome Janine
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