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route variant/side-trip

  1. L

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652: Frescoes. Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols)

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652 : Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols), France. Frescoes Then and Now, a pictorial comparison. A resource by Lovingkindness In1865 L’abbé Gerbeau discovered medieval frescoes in a side chapel of Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl. Further discoveries were made by a...
  2. trecile

    Is this bridge anywhere near any Camino routes in Portugal?

    Would you go out of your way to walk across this bridge? Or run for the hills?! It's the world's longest suspension pedestrian bridge - over 1/2 km long.
  3. C

    Chartres or Orleans

    Looking at the GR655 map I see it splits after Paris and joins together at Tours. Has anyone done both the Chartres and Orleans variation and recommends one or the other ? More pleasant walking / scenery is my preference. Or if you have done either and loved it, that is good too.
  4. L

    Le Lot et Garonne: Église St-Jean-de-Balerme, a detour (var. Voie de Vézelay/ Gr 654-East)

    Église St-Jean-de-Balerme (near Montpezat d'Agenais) is a rather beautiful romanesque church dating from 11th to 15th centuries. Pilgrims sometimes passed by there, long ago, wishing to avoid the twists and turns in the hills above Le Lot (today's GR 654-East: Castelmoron - Clairac - Aiguillon)...
  5. diegoromerosm

    Camino Francés through Aragón

    Just a little reminder about the Camino Aragonés (or French through Aragón) with one of main ancient Christendom hospitals: Santa Cristina. Amazing alternative to the most crowded one. ultreia!
  6. Sparrow in Texas

    From the Aragones to the Alto de Perdon

    Greetings all, with many happy and encouraging wishes during this season!! I have two questions and hope that someone will have some ideas. Thank you for any responses! I hope to walk the Aragones again sometime, perhaps even this coming year. Rather than connecting to the Frances near...
  7. mark connolly

    An article about the excavation site of Atapuerca, just off the CF

    Early humans likely hibernated to deal with freezing winters ( Also: Sima de los Huesos, a Key to Human Evolution ( Atapuerca Mountains - Wikipedia Enjoy. Mark
  8. BombayBill

    Norte west of Gijon and Del Mar routes

    How do people feel about the Norte west of Gijon all the way to the Del Mar and even using the Del Mar to go around to SDC? I know the Primitivo is great but never mind that. What about the beauty, path style, and other aspects of going up and over the NW of Spain?
  9. peregrina2000

    Detour to Zegama from the Viejo

    On the theory that I have to have a camino at the ready for whatever season we are in when walking is again possible, I am going back to the spectacular deep dive Viejo thread (thanks, VN) and actually plotting out potential stages. Accommodation is tricky, place names are frustrating (many...
  10. peregrina2000


    The current virtual Lana thread is still very far from Sigüenza, but I wanted to plant the seed in everyone’s mind that taking the Sigüenza alternative about a week after Cuenca is the best choice by far...
  11. wisepilgrim

    Camino de la Corona - Where am I?

    Here's another 'where is it?' set of photos for the camino veterans. The first shows the camino, with some well aged signage and a distinct pine covered stretch which is arrow straight... something which makes it unique-ish on the Camino Francés. It coincides with another route, the Camino de...
  12. Ungawawa

    Alternative coastal route into Porto in three stages (Aug 2020)

    This August I completed sections of the Camino Portugues from Albergaria a Velha to Santiago. I wanted to share the route variation I took on the advice of an hospitalero, as it lets you take an alternative coastal route into Porto over three days, instead of the traditional road-based route...
  13. Rebekah Scott

    Bus to Avoid locked-down Leon

    This just in from FICS: FREE DAILY BUS: DEPARTURE: Mansilla de las Mulas bus station TIME: 09:00 Exclusively for pilgrims with credentials Starting today (Friday 8 Oct.), General Tourism Directorate of the Junta de Castilla y León will provide a daily bus service for pilgrims on the Camino...
  14. Marbe2

    Alternative route to Santo Domingo de la Calzada?

    Leaving Azofra has anyone avoided ciruena and walked along N120? It appears one can bear right about 2-3 km after Azofra, cross over or under A- 12 , take N120 west, to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. There do not appear to be any stops using that alternative, but I am looking for an...
  15. anthikes

    Are these all the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos?

    I made this map earlier in the year and will be updating it in 2021. I tried to include all known Caminos but I suspect there might be a couple that slipped through the net?? Would really appreciate any experts out there who may know of other routes. Thanks.
  16. VNwalking

    Ancient churches on the San Salvador, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata

    Looking around online for some information about a virtual Camino de las Asturias, I stumbled across this beautiful article that describes some of the oldest churches in Spain, in detail and with photographs. Then, as one does, I...
  17. jungleboy

    São Frutuoso - medieval chapel in Braga

    I spent a few days in and around Braga in northern Portugal this week and discovered an amazing medieval chapel that should be more well known than it is - for example, it is not even mentioned in the Lonely Planet Portugal guidebook that I have (the 2014 9th edition). So here’s my attempt to...
  18. B

    A camino through Lourdes

    There is a blog by Charl Durand recounting his camino from Lourdes in 2015. .He went through Asson, Arudy, Laruns, Gabas, Sallent, Biescas and Sabinanigo to Jaca, where he joined the Aragonés. Does this route have a name? Is it well...
  19. peregrina2000

    Ojo Güareña on the Camino Olvidado

    I’ve been doing some poking around the internet in preparation for another Zoom meeting on the Olvidado. I should stop, because I have been finding some amazing sites that are not on camino, just a stone’s throw away. But I was totally oblivious when I walked. Here’s one of the most amazing...
  20. VNwalking

    Detailed Planning for Viejo/Olvidado from Pamplona

    Now that I have the hang of walking virtually after taking on the Invierno, I'm going to be more ambitous: next up is the combination of the Viejo and Olvidado from Pamplona to Ponferrada. I won't go any faster then I walk here everyday, so it will take a while (weeks? months?). As I go I'll...