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  1. M

    Complementary Route from Melide

    Buenas. Can someone please direct me to the app or resource where I can find the alternative or complementary route lea ing Melide? I would love to see it mapped. Muchísimas gracia.
  2. Colette Z

    Variante MONTEJURRA -Pte la Reina to Estella

    Can anyone advise me on the Montejurra Variante between Puente la Reina / Estella / Los Arcos ? It starts 1/2 way to Estella and continues 1/2 way to Los Arcos. Can’t figure out distance from Pte La Reina to Luquin on the Variante Montejurra. Is it interesting? Is it worth it? Im not worried...
  3. Dave

    The “Old” Camino Inglés Options

    A few years back, a series of changes were made to the Camino Inglés, for better and worse. While some faded waymarks still survive, navigation of the older routes is increasingly reliant upon gps tracks and advanced notice of the alternatives. But which are worth taking? Here’s a quick...
  4. setmeravelles

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Allerano Boñar-Figaredo

    (Note to Mods: Feel free to move this, especially if this Camino takes off and gets its own forum. As it’s a variant of the San Salvador I posted it here.) I survived the first day! I had breakfast at Cafe Viejo around 7:30 this morning in Boñar after staying in Hostal Nisi. Walked a bit over...
  5. A

    River walk into Burgos

    Hello! I know I’ve seen references to this route somewhere but I can’t find much. I’d love to find it. Any help?
  6. B

    San Pedro de Monte to Fresneña

    When I was leaving Viloria de Rioja in October 2022, I saw a sign for a variante or alternativo pointing to San Pedro de Monte. It was not there in 2014, when Streetview's cameras went by. As I had walked the 'official' route twice before, I took the variante. I walked through San Pedro, but I...
  7. W

    GPX for alternate route from (Irache through Luquin)?

    Anyone aware of a downloadable GPX file for the "alternate" route from Irache through Luquin? (Or any other alternates—but Irache to Luquin is what I am looking for right now.)
  8. BrianLCrabtree

    Couple of things on the Rocamadour variant

    First, I walked from Figeac to Thémines on 20 August and turned out to be longer than I expected, 35 km. The gîte owner in Thémines said the GR6 was re-routed in the last year to reduce road walking, which added 4 km. Quite a bit of climbing on that route. Second, I walked to Rocamadour today...
  9. T

    Alto Pradela route - amazing.

    Just walked my first Alto Pradela variant route after Villafranca del Bierzo. Previously I'd always walked the road through the valley. I HIGHLY (caps intentional) recommend considering the Pradela route. It is initially challenging and not the right choice for most non-athlete type pilgrims...
  10. roving_rufus

    Alternative Route down from Portillo San Miguel (Vitoria Gasteiz - La Puebla de Arganzon stage)

    I meant to add this link ages ago - Its on the stage between Vitoria Gasteiz to La Puebla de Arganzon and is the alternative marked route down. It does skip Villanueva de la Oca but it also avoids the steep rocky descent. I walked it Janaury 2023 and it was well marked - (yellow arrows and white...
  11. Shells

    San Millan de la Cogolla

    I recently discovered that my ancestral grandfather was born in San Millan de la Cogolla and ended up immigrating to Costa Rica, by way of Guatemala in the 1700s. When I learned that this village is only a few miles away from Navarette, I decided to detour to spend a night there. Right now, I’m...
  12. W

    Cele variant route question Saint Cirq Lapopie to Cahors 33.2 km

    I have the Cicerone book and am wondering about one section that is recommended. This section is 33.2 km and goes from Saint Cirq Lapopie to Cahors. We are experienced walkers having walked the Frances last year averaging about 27 km/day. While it will be a long day, I am not worried about the...
  13. A

    Alternate route after Castro Urdiales

    Hi all I’ve read there’s a coastal alternative from Pontarron de Guriezo ( after Castro Urdiales). I see it in the wise pilgrim book but there’s no alternate shown on the app. Any ideas about this route? Is it well marked? Is it worthwhile? And how far would it be from Castro to: A) Liendo...
  14. M

    Viana do Castelo to Caminha - which variante did you like?

    I already miss the coast, now that the way to Viana was kinda away from the ocean. Camino Ninja and Wise pilgrim both show a way that a is directly at the ocean for the way to caminha. But I can’t find any information about the route. Is it marked? Is it well tended to, are there shops or water...
  15. camster

    How do you get to the Atapuerca dig site?

    I'm looking to go and see the dig site at Atapuerca, but I wonder if I have to go very far off path or if it's easily findable. Thanks!
  16. Olimpia

    Side visit to Barcelos or other nearby cities along the route

    Is it possible to leave the camino along the coast to visit Barcelos and then return to the coast to continue? At what point it is best to leave the camino? I am also interested in visiting Braga and other interesting cities along the camino de la Costa. I could walk or take transportation...
  17. Dani7

    Samos waymarking

    Is the waymarking to Samos and then to Sarria on that route clearly evident? Thanks.
  18. isawtman

    Should they make an alternate route after Portomarin

    There are already several alternative routes on the Camino Frances, but perhaps the place they could use one the most doesn't have one. I think the people of Galicia should consider creating an alternative route after Portomarin. Perhaps having the alternative go through Monterroso. The reason...
  19. BillW

    Starting Before SJPDP

    I walked Le Puy to Santiago last year, and it struck me that there are several nice stages before SJPDP that could be added to the Frances as a “warm up.” My sisters and I are walking the Camino Frances this fall, and we're decided to walk three days before SJPDP. Here's our plan with some...
  20. thomryng

    Rocamadour Variant itinerary

    This is a follow-up (variant? 🤣) to Leigh Lorayne's query about the Célé Valley variant. I'm considering this route, and I'd appreciate any advice or feedback. This is the route and stages that appear in all three guidebooks I have access to at the moment (Cicerone, MMD, Litefoot). Based on...

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