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A Selection of Favorite Albergues on the Camino?

Bob Howard

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Time of past OR future Camino
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Ivar probably knows the answer to this. For a few years up until Covid, I much enjoyed the annual update (last one 2019). I assume Covid interrupted it. Anyone know if the author plans to resume updating.

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A selection of Camino Jewellery
A selection of Camino Jewellery
I would never be one to want to promote "favorite" albergues. Hey, Mods let not promote a thread like this, SVP!
I would never be one to want to promote "favorite" albergues. Hey, Mods let not promote a thread like this, SVP!
I think what makes a favorite albergue is the "personal" experience you have in that albergue. I have great memories of albergues that were cold and bare with barely a convenience besides running water and a lukewarm shower. Less than wonderful in albergues with many creature comforts but with obnoxious and or rude pilgrims or hospitalarios. I have been to the same albergue on more than one occasion in different years and had both good, bad or indifferent nights.
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I would never be one to want to promote "favorite" albergues. Hey, Mods let not promote a thread like this, SVP!
No promotion here. I was clarifying that the list that the OP referred to, was a list posted in the Resources section by an individual forum member. The Resources section allows for updating of PDF documents, which can be a very convenient feature. We can all see when the documents were uploaded and last revised. A list of albergues that pre-dates the pandemic is likely to be of limited use.
A selection of Camino Jewellery

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Hi Forum! Just to reassure those starting now and the next week, but I was in Roncesvalles last night and, though full and busy, I talked to the hospitalero who told me, there were still 27 empty...
Walking the Camino Frances, since the 16th there has been a lot of mud on the trail but doable until today on the way to Pamplona! It got very difficult with the mud on the pass high up beside...
I started out from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on 1 May. It turned out to be an unforgetable day. Above 1,000 m or so it snowed, catching many people unprepared. Later that day "many" walkers were...
I'm flying from the USA to start my Camino this week. I will check my backpack, and to protect it, I will ship it in a plastic storage bin like this one: Rather than shipping the storage bin to...
Hi everyone -- After walking the Frances from SJpdP last October, I'm planning to revisit the bit between Logrono and Burgos this July, following different stages. It's the section where I had...
Just after 9am this morning I turned the last corner of the Camino Frances and stood in front of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela!! It's been 33 days since I left Saint Jean Pied de Port...

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